As long as your happy.


I’m only here to fill the empty space in you when some guy tears you apart, just a voice to keep you sane until you forget about me again.

There’s always going to be another guy even after all those times you said we would move far away together and get married,

when you said “we’re like star crossed lovers, maybe not forever, you never know,”

when you said that I have always loved you more than any man in your life,

when you called me your soulmate.


I think I was put on this earth with the sole purpose of making sure your happy, catching you when you fall, lending an ear when your struggling, giving a shoulder to rest on when the tears come flooding down your face.

Maybe soulmates aren’t necessarily supposed to stick around forever, maybe a soulmate enters your life when your at your lowest, takes away the pain and makes life a little more bearable.

I can see this new guys not just a distraction from the real world, he became your real world.

I’m always going to be here for you, but it’s time that I move one, you don’t need me anymore, I accomplished my purpose.

Your finally happy.










  • Goldfinch60

    Very powerful words Joe. Some of us are on this world to ensure that others can become happy.


  • dusk arising

    There is a great deal of wisdom in your words about LIFE today Joe. I get the feeling you are on a huge learning curve and seeing the rights and wrongs in a new light.
    Love matures with our years into something a young head cannot conceive. Acceptance and carrying on with our lot is the way..... well.. the way to wisdom really.

    Reading you was very thought provoking today. Enjoyable but sad. I hope you are coming through these troubled times with a positive head on. Time does amazing healing tricks for us all.

  • Saxon Crow

    Good read and reminds me of my past when i chose to move on. So completely relatable

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