The Crow

My life is as hectic as a crows

I feel as if I’m a flightless bird though

For I can only walk a mile’

And I can’t run, only for a little while

My heart is as black as a crow's wing

Sitting on a perch, waiting for what the day will bring

I imagine myself sitting on the highest tree

Because that's the only way I can think peacefully

I see life happening down below

But it’s too much for me to handle, this I already know

So I sit here and ponder to myself

What can I do to better my inner wealth

My legs fold under me like a crow’s tail

My innocence is something I wish to prevail

For I’m misjudged just like the common bird

Because of today's society in this mockery world

Stephanie Davis

June 2021


  • Saxon Crow

    Not being biased in any way shape or form but crows are very cool, highly intelligent, highly social. They have many spiritual and magical meanings. They remember.

    Its good be like crow.

    I like your poem, it strikes me as melancholic

    • StephanieAnn

      That's why I made sure to add the fact that they are misjudged all the time. 🙂 Crows are my favorite bird.

    • Goldfinch60

      As SC has said crows are most intelligent birds and if in there lives they are given kindness they will always repay it.

      Have a look at this film:


    • jarcher54

      You have a delightful, playful bounce to your verses, and you weave your own experience into the texture so honestly. This piece made me laugh and cry. I have a disabled son (Spinal Muscular Atrophy) who could walk poorly as a toddler and now his legs don't work at all. Legs folded under you like a crow's tail... such a powerful image. You go girl.

      • StephanieAnn

        Awe. This comment touched my heart in so many ways! Made me get a frog in my throat. I'm sorry this piece made you cry but I'm glad it brought a smile also. I just write based on my feelings and hope it can reach someone or someone can relate to. I had no idea this piece would hit you so personally.

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