Saxon Crow

Tapestry of Scars

If i could I'd give you all the tiny pieces of my shattered and broken heart
I'd dare to let you have what was left of my soul all twisted and dark

If i were a strong man I'd gaze intently deep into your beautiful eyes
Then you'd know my secret that I am always afraid, especially when it comes to dying

If i had courage I'd take you in my arms and be for you your perfect man
I would care for you so very much that you'd know you were safe from any harm

If i felt then i would be able to tell  what it was you needed if we were lovers. 
I'd say that you were the only one, that special one above all others.

But i am a broken thing held together by scars
The threads of life like a tapestry of torment
Im beyond all grace or any redemption because my soul has lost its course

And yet in you i see the distant memory of what it could mean to hope
Within you the illusion still exists that we could be happy and fix what is eternally broke.

Because you're a broken thing too so beautiful and strong
And yet so very fragile.
I see the scars on your beating heart
each worn like a medal of valour

Your smile is radiant and shines so bright
But that's to blind people to your tortured darkness
But i see the scars on your beating heart.
A tapestry forever stitched, agèd and timeless. 


  • Goldfinch60

    Very strong emotive words SC. I am sure that your heart is not shattered as you can see that tapestry in others that I am sure is within you. Stitch your hearts together and you will go on for eternity.


    • Saxon Crow

      My heart is strong and vibrant GF.

      • Goldfinch60

        So pleased about that.


      • orchidee

        A fine write SC.

        • Saxon Crow

          Thanks orchi. Thought id do melodramatic today!

          • orchidee

            A drama queen? Or king?!
            Aww, why they go melodramatic and have a hissy fit when i sing? lol.

          • dusk arising

            Such wonderful words which reach into our soul. When confidence is damaged we do become broken and fear to reach out for love where once we boldly trod and were hurt.

            Re-read this several times and i want to keep it. It goes into my favourites.

            • Saxon Crow

              Aw thanks Dusk. Im all embarrassed now!

            • Teddy.15

              a magnificent peice here, i am in awe of how you have managed to write this in such beauty.

              • Saxon Crow

                Thanks Teddy. Put it down to luck!

              • Neville

                to put it simply this is simply beautiful ...

                .. indeed, I have a thing about things being beautifully broken and kintsugi .. (check it out) I have written about both of them in the distant past ...

                ... To coin a phrase, gurt lush say's me ... 🙂

                • Saxon Crow

                  I've looked up kintsugi. Really like the idea.
                  Me thinks inspiration is calling. Thanks for the knowledge

                • Jerry Reynolds

                  Beautifully, written S.C.

                  • Saxon Crow

                    Thanks Jerry 🙂

                  • myself and me

                    Beneath the scars is a tender heart filled with love. Well penned.

                    • Saxon Crow

                      Thanks for reading 🙂

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