Aged Dreams

Aged Dreams


When we were young

we chased our dreams

down forward looking roads

but as the frost of life 

breached our memories

what once were daydream’s daggers

now appear like Icicles.


When Innocence was pierced

every wistful second 

brought new utopian dreams

to shine like golden daffodils

on fields of anticipated glory.


Our transgressions here on Earth

every jaded moment 

and each Impulsive breath

have been washed away 

in time’s liquid hope.


Now we stare at ghostly images

to scare the loneliness of our winters

away from mind and into oblivion.


Our dreams no longer

tread those olden pathways.

They grope through clouded remembrances

none of which seem accurate.

Their sharpness has waned 

and the frosty remnants

chill our souls.


  • Fay Slimm.

    yes chasing dreams belongs to the young Phil - yet dreams when looked back on glow with those golden daffodils if we but let them - - though solemn a truly insightful write.

  • dusk arising

    Ah yes, those young idealistic days matured into an acceptable truce of aspiration and compromise. The foggy remants now lingering as memories bring me joy though and do not chill my soul. Though for many i can see this may be their reality in later years.

  • Neville

    You just got it so write .. frighteningly so ..

    try telling it to my son though, or even my daughter ..

    ... and they would think we were having a laugh ...

    ... I would stake my pension though that it has always been this way ...

    ... respect sir ...

  • Doggerel Dave

    Memory with all its gaps and inconsistencies. You have captured that, and I relate, Phil A. Transgressions I’ve managed to mostly forgive, as there is nothing much I can do to change, and then bury. Dreams now memories, quite vivid and pleasurable. Thanks for all – a satisfying read.

  • Goldfinch60

    So true, those magnificent dreams of our youth fogged by age, but some of those dreams became reality and created good memories.


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