When the poor segregated

Visible poverty eliminated

When the poor uninsured

Their toll of suffering inured

When the conscience silenced

While the morality diminished


Greed predominant

Everybody discontent

Charity of deeds lacking

Not even an inkling of thinking


Food to the healthy

Power to the wealthy

Freebies to the greedy

Nothing for the needy


Sermon to imbibe

Religion to divide

Holding onto symbols

While the meek trembles


Broader the brush

Simpler the thinking

All news is a one-liner

In depth analysis whither


Where is the harmony

In this cruel irony

Where is the freedom

From our ancient fiefdom


Where are we heading

A land of further extremes

Where wealth drives everything

Deferring our cherished dreams


  • Saxon Crow

    Sadly, it appears you may bevery right. The inevitable is happening and words like 'promise' become a different meaning. Good, honest poem there

    • subregi

      Thanks. Unfortunately all countries of the world are moving to extremes at various levels.

      • Saxon Crow

        That they are

      • Goldfinch60

        Very true words subregi, if only those who have would share with the have-nots the world would be a wonderful place all over.


        • subregi

          Thank you. Everyone wants to be helped when in distress but many “not-have-nots” do not want to help “avoiding the -isms” as an excuse. Without empathy no charity.

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