Good Intentions

On a path of self destruction
Carved in good intentions
And relentless subterfuge,
aftermath of belched corruption
All that remains.

So tuned into irreverence ,
ignoring importance.
Never stops to analyze.
Blow soon into irrelevance
And all defamed!

Ashes fall as she calls,
The twisted soul of fate.
Bashes walls, as we, appalled
Be sprinting for the gate.

We Just can't figure out our place,
Lost in the cluster fuck.
All we want is to do right.
See Justice and live out our days.
This will not be!

Worldly desires blind us all,
We need our lusts fulfilled!
We fuck and kill, steal and lie!
Absorbed the fires, light the pall.
Bliss still not seen!


  • Goldfinch60

    That bliss can be seen, it is within each of us.


  • Doggerel Dave

    That is terribly hard to take, despite that there’s a large truth buried in your piece, though not so deep that it doesn’t spill out on the page.
    A muscular heavy duty write. Thanks

  • L. B. Mek

    'Bliss still not seen!'
    yup, that's the root cause of dysfunctionality
    where there is no comprehension
    of exactly how much consumption
    is entailed in our strive
    for all that fantastically unachievable greed!
    we need to teach the valour
    in acceptance and humility
    at school level, comprehensively
    to have any hope of countering
    the poisonous certainty
    of our capitalist ideology...!
    a unique write, full of great insight
    thanks for sharing, dear poet
    (and thanks for inspiring
    my little scribbled reply)

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