dusk arising

value people

some people
bring out the best in you
you may have tried
to be lovers 
you may have once
really hurt that some one
they may have hated you
they may have loved you
they may have seen you
make a total asshole of yourself
you may have felt shamed
some people dont have
to think of others this way
some are lucky
others have learned
to really value people this way


  • Teddy.15

    Hello dusk, Proving love is complex , I've certainly made an asshole of myself when it comes to love, the Bridget Jones real life. Once I put a rose in my mouth and presented myself to a gentleman he was.so un impressed. The thing for me was every time I saw him after that I felt embarrassed inside. Oh I have many stories. I can't help but hear take a chance on me from Abba when reading this work. Great to have you back.

    • dusk arising

      Thank you Teddy. I think all those things we have done or chosen not to do have made us the thing we are when we arrive into the latter part of our lifespan. We are not winners or losers (abba the winner takes it all) but rather we are survivors and walking a unique path - I can't imagine anyone would want to walk mine LOL

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Good poem, Dusk. The shape evokes a cremation urn intentional or just me.

      • dusk arising

        Thanks Jerry. Quite unintentional but i do see the resemblence.

      • orchidee

        Good write dusk.

      • Laura🌻

        I truly believe there’s a reason/purpose for encountering the many people throughout our lives. It awakens us to our many trials and tribulations of our life’s journey.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


        • dusk arising

          I dont know about reasons/purpose because that's predestiny but certainly everything which happens to us shapes us.

          Thank you Laura.... nice to see your bright yellow sunflower again.

          • Laura🌻

            I’m so glad to be back, thank you.🌻

            That bright sunflower has given me the hope that I’ll live another day. If one loses courage, there’s always hope to go on…with a smile.


          • Saxon Crow

            Nice one dusk. Always look for the ones who treat you well and you are always able to be yourself

            • dusk arising

              Hmm it would be nice to choose wouldn't it. I find that i take 'em as i find 'em and generally people are quite affable. Thank you SC.

            • mohangupta.suresh@gmail.com

              If you value others, chances are good you will bring out the best in them.

              • dusk arising

                I hope so, I do value those I encounter. Mutual respect is my wish. Thank you MS.

              • Trenz Pruca

                Thank you, Dust. Always enjoyable.

              • Goldfinch60

                Very true d a the true friends will always bring out the best in you and are so valuable to us in our lives.


                • dusk arising

                  Understanding and respecting others freedoms goes a long way. Thanks Goldie.

                • L. B. Mek

                  this is what wisdom, reveals itself to me as
                  when I identify it in others or in what I read
                  it exists here
                  in these words you've penned, dear poet
                  thank you!

                  • dusk arising

                    High praise, thank you LBM.

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