Loner poet

Enter the Abyss

Here lies a tombstone with a story untold

In the ground lays a person a love can not hold

The dream we all have to live together and grow old

But it is to late when we realize how the story is told

It is not up to us to determine how the event unfold

Lost but yet there are still whispers within the dark

Why do every bad thing leave a deeper mark

A sense of peace but also a sense of belonging

Do I really want to give this up for a wretched existence

Have I finally stopped searching for a darker place to hide

Why is there that pinpoint of light in the welcoming darkness

There is always light within the dark and dark within the light

Who would risk dredging through a murky plain of darkness

Why do they suffer pain and anguish with me

Why do they try to save a sinking sailor entering the oceans bed

When the questions become endless and persistent

What do I decide in that one moment of solidarity

Then as quick a bolt of lightning I hear your voice

You whisper to me as i walk towards the pinpoint

Remember my child I will leave A light on


  • Goldfinch60

    That light will always be left on to show the way to a better life within you LP.


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