Far away

The words are getting harder to speak.

Ya we all talk because we all know is cheap. 

So I’m back in my cycle that shits been on repeat plus the  Only time I feel happy is in my sleep. 

I swear even enjoying the thrill of a nightmare.

Maybe because what happens is never really a reality. 

I get away from everybody in my head Im getting a true sense of my individuality. 

Just like you get sick of me I get sick of me too but I have just the slightest hope of change in myself.

You grab you plates and feed off my emotion but didn’t realize there’s nothing so you starve your ego and bruise your mental health. 

So I run away from this mental hell with no escape.
I wake up the next day with a smile on my face and say.. hey I feel great.

but  I’m on another floating rock in my head deep in space. 

I have been misplaced. 

Im far away but I miss it whatever it was that made me feel anything other than disappointment. 

Cause that’s what is seen in my reflection. 

Im meant for something and I’m going to be great. 

That’s what I tell myself, for over 20 years I’ve felt a sealed fate. 

Tomorrow I’ll put on my smile but I feel like shit today. 

It’s okay it’s all okay no bags are packed on this trip take me all the way.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very soon you will put on that smile and it will be from your heart and reach out to others so your life will be great within and around you.


    • Dakota

      Thank you Andy you’re always very kind

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