WL Schuett

Silence Kills


Tears pool at the
feet of mortality.
Candles line the
stonewalls of fate
flickering in the rain .

Cutting a tunnel
through the silence
of the morning .
To elicit forbidden
sensations of
lustful embroidery.
Spiking trees
to save the forest ,
pulling stakes
in civil disobedience.
All within the nuance 
of a border town
where the misty swamps
hold  no fever .

Sweeping views of
the hinterlands
with backwater thoughts
In the rain .
I have carried the burden
of a thousand bad decisions
with a sleepy vagabond
gilded halo .

Waiting for the bridge
to be rebuilt
after it burned in the dawn .
Showing me the forest
as I’m stuck in the trees.
Memories really mired
in the mud of
my sacred platte of ground .

Lost in a rainy midnight
silence of fear .
Affliction ,
the laurels of the
fires of adversity.

Lightning flickered
in the stillness of the night .
Quiet but for the distant thunder.

Aware that the silent
rain had ceased.


  • Goldfinch60

    With words like these Bill I am sure the sun will bring light to your world.


  • myself and me

    In the darkness of silence, the pupa transformed into moth.

    What a surprise to see you here. Hope all is well.

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