dusk arising

the operation


a breathing slab of meat
where tubes and wires host
as gas subdues a conscious mind
to beneath the torture of today
whence superhumans, opera clad
tear learnedly of my flesh


post op hell of veinous fluid
coursing through every channel
now nausea owns the day
and searing pain dances it's yo-yo
of scheduled nursing's kindness dose
somewhere a pathetic whimper sounds


come on tomorrow!


  • Teddy.15

    Brings back memories to me except I was awake the whole time. It was therapy for me to write about it, I kind of made it my business to write about it. Dusk I wish none of us had to go through this but it is what it is. We can only wake up each day knowing that there are worse off people. You describe it perfectly my favourite line of course is the last it's hopeful

    • dusk arising

      I was still under the effects of the drugs when i wrote this piece but wanted to capture the moment.
      Those last two lines, a cry for a better tomorrow.

      • Teddy.15

        Well you captured it so much I was trembling seriously good work

      • orchidee

        A descriptive write dusk.

        • dusk arising

          You should've been there orchi.

        • Jerry Reynolds

          Well written, Dusk.
          Had a sense of being there. So many experienced memories.

          • dusk arising

            So grateful that it's all over. The next chapter was cancer.... maybe it still is, expecting results thursday.... fingers crossed.

          • Laura🌻


            Thank you for sharing your poem.
            I can relate to your written words…
            more than I’d like to;
            but, your last line says it best…
            “come on tomorrow!”


            • dusk arising

              I've pretty well always had a positive outlook even though i look to the future for what i call avoidable snags.
              Thank you again for your comments Laura, always appreciated.

              • Laura🌻

                I certainly agree with you, Dusk.

                Che sarà sarà…

                ‘Whatever will be, will be
                The future's not ours to see…’

                This is more meaningful to me nowadays than ever before.

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              • AuburnScribbler

                A powerful write here dusk arising, I felt your pain, especially whilst reading the second stanza, but the last line is testament to the strength you have.

                Bravo, and I hope that there are no long-term malingering after effects.

                Stay safe!

                • dusk arising

                  Thanks Auburn, waiting to hear the outcome of a biopsy. Planning for a future beyond it though.

                  • AuburnScribbler

                    You're welcome dusk arising, and my fingers are crossed for you for a good result.

                    Stay safe in the madness!

                  • SureshG

                    A vassal recounting of event endured. A superb writing

                    • dusk arising

                      Thank you very much indeed.

                    • Neville

                      Ouch ... this was no splinter removal.. this one is truly felt ...

                      • dusk arising

                        You dont expect to be in pain after an op do you. This was keyhole surgery and what they dont tell you about is how your body fights back (with painful after effects) after all the plunging, cutting, tugging and pulling of the intrusions into your torso.
                        Thank goodness for pain killers.

                      • Fay Slimm.

                        A terrible ouch of a write dear Dusk - your pen described well the repercussions of intrusive surgery and am glad that was back in 2018 and hoping things are now better.

                        • dusk arising

                          Things move forward as ever, currently waiting for biopsy results later this week to see how it effects the future.
                          Thank goodness for the advancement of modern medicine and the brilliant persons who are able to put their skills and knowledge into improving the quality of life and indeed the saving of life among us all. And the wonderful, wonderful nursing staff who tend us in these times of need.

                          • Fay Slimm.

                            I second that my friend - nursing staff are very special people indeed. All best wishes for a successful result of the biopsy..

                          • Goldfinch60

                            Your tomorrow arrived and each new tomorrow will be wonderful d a.


                            • dusk arising

                              Just keep 'em coming Andy.

                            • L. B. Mek

                              I couldn't help but involuntarily wince
                              brilliantly worded, dear poet

                              • dusk arising

                                How to convey pain you've volunterred for in a poem? Without sadism here lol. Not a lot of opportunity to try that from first hand experience and i don't fancy experiencing further pain to repeat the exercise to be honest. But a wince is good enough a response though i apologise for it's discomfort.
                                Thank you for your comments LBM and continued support of my scratchings.

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