Lions In The Night

The lions stalk in the heart of the night.
They come, slipping across the grassland like
liquid gold, pausing to sniff the pungent
night air, keen to follow the scent
of flesh and to explore the firelight
reflecting yellow off large boulders
surrounding the nocturnal watering hole.

Just as sleep wraps her soft arms
around weary travelers, a twig cracks,
leaves dried crisp in the savanna sun
rustle while soft shadows dance on the
canvas tent wall.

There is no mistaking.
A sniffing, deep throated rumble
defines the reality.
Danger walks through
the night.
Death is close by.

Be silent.
Do not move.


  • Neil Higgins

    Lots of lovely imagery here

  • Having hope

    Great combination of words.❣

  • Goldfinch60

    Good write DW, I was staying silent and still.


    • DesertWords

      You can move now, Andy. They're gone.

    • L. B. Mek

      'defines the reality.
      Danger walks through
      the night.
      Death is close by.

      Be silent.
      Do not move.
      really well thought-out and executed,
      of our innate, survival senses
      you've versed
      and worded so poetically immersive
      we readers, can feel that tingling sensation
      on the back of our necks, trembling
      evermore, with each line we devour;
      showcasing how: not only
      the voice of the prey - freights,
      now we, the consuming predators
      and interpreters of your poem
      are willingly sharing, that same fearful state..
      (brilliantly creative, in its concept
      creating almost a self-removed feel, within
      a wholesome reading experience
      somewhat surreal and unique,
      briefly transformative, to say the least
      thanks for sharing, dear poet)
      I'd also liken this to poetry
      conceptualising Artistry's, surrealist effect
      though, by utilising words alone
      that itself is a great poetic feat
      in my humble opinion

      • DesertWords

        Thank you for your always thorough and helpful comments.

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