Winter Woods

The snow fell softly, gently,

On her bare legs and feet.


She was very still, very quiet,

And I heard the blood beating in my ears.


The wind blew and snowflakes flew,

A thousand tiny teeth to bite me through,

Till all that laid between us was white,

A world of nothing but snow.


  • Goldfinch60

    Very emotive words Whirlpool.

    Welcome to MPS.

    • Whirlpool

      Thank you very much! I enjoy the sites one per day rule. I think it's great for routine and will be reading and writing lots on here.

    • Saxon Crow

      Welcome to mps. Grest first poem here

      • Whirlpool

        Thank you very much for the welcome! Looking forward to reading and writing here.

      • L. B. Mek

        such a smooth flow
        uniquely voiced, its lack of context
        adds-to rathe than: distracts-from, I think
        wonderfully creative, thanks for sharing

        • Whirlpool

          Thank you! I usually like to write poems short, long ones are imo very hard to write. I admire writers who can smoothly compose long poems.

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