My Upstairs Neighbor

There is this neighbor of mine that lives upstairs,

Who strangely seems to never sleep.

He moves around, but no lights turn on,

And leaves his doors and windows open wide.


What business keeps him so awake?

Why must he sit there, in the middle of the night,

When everyone else is sleeping tight?


He's bizarre and tall, and he talks in whispers

Like he's got some devilish scheme he's afraid to put to paper.

Oh, and one last thing, which makes me so creeped out,

When I look at him, I can see right through his skull!


  • Neil Higgins

    Ghosts in the night.Very atmospheric tale.This is great 😎

    • Whirlpool

      Thanks Neil! These kinds of poems are always fun to write!

    • Goldfinch60

      They can be everywhere Whirlpool - look behind you! 😲😲😲.


      • Whirlpool

        Yes, I can see you ^^....

      • Doggerel Dave

        Methinks you you hope to get much closer....will you continue to write poetry from the other side?

        • Whirlpool

          Oh no... you found me out.

        • Saxon Crow

          Oooo oooooooo
          Quick get the garlic!

          • Whirlpool

            Do garlics help against ghosts? I thought it was vampires only :O...

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