Thursday 24th June 2021

It’s here, the date that was marked,

now our reunion can make it’s spark,

fourteen long months’ worth of drought,

will end, via the noise; of our great shout,

our band of five, will meet him, the one,

not caring of the clouds, for we are the Sun,

we see him, the new crown prince of Wales,

then we make a start; with our happy trails.


We satisfy our belly rumbles, in the land of “double Ds”,

with beautiful concentration; on what can please,

the drinks are downed, with a telepathic toast,

then we commence our crawling, to find another host,

by the canal, we wave at boats, and drink with ducks,

in a plain and pure sensation; of not giving a fuck,

again, our cups are emptied, now back to the train,

to return to more scenes, of our own memory lane.


Thanks to granted permission; by our former bosses,

we continue with our merriment, and with our sauces,

where our friend from the valleys, makes his week-long home,

with a grin; he always wears, wherever he does roam,

we sup with more friends, that we have not seen for a while,

life can get in the way but in this moment; all I can do is smile,

so, sleep well Mr Smith, and my fellow cheerful feasters,

as tomorrow, we may resume, at playing our little Caesars!   


  • Neil Higgins

    Like the words written here Ben.Like you,I have family in "West Herefordshire" and had not seen them for a long time,apart from "Zoom" calls,but did so "live", the other day.Stress,worry,two AZ jabs later,and surely a semblance of normally can soon return?

    • AuburnScribbler

      Thanks for the read Neil, hope all is well.

      I would love to go to Herefordshire, as I like some ciders that are made there, to go the county to see the sites, and to see the inspiration of such good brews would be a lovely thing indeed. Glad to hear that your reunion went well, and yeah let's all hope that normality can return very soon!

    • orchidee

      Good write AP.
      Pity I didn't stop singing for 14 months, but it can't be helped! lol.
      Oohh, a Midsummers Day meeting, the 24th June, that is. Shall I compare thee to a Summer's day....? or summat like that. That's the only line I know of it.

      • AuburnScribbler

        Thanks for the read orchieee, hope that all is well.

        Non-stop singing for fourteen months, you are overdue a much needed hot toddy and packet of Halls Soothers bless you! But honestly, never stop singing, your songs need to be heard!

        Oh yeah, I forgot that it was Midsummer's Day, to be honest in recent times, I have not kept up with the classics either, so I have also forgotten the lyrics, so with that said, I am considering myself to be in good company with you! Haha!

      • Goldfinch60

        It is so wonderful to get back together with friends that you have not seen for so many months, I met with one of mine yesterday and we shared our history of the passed months over cups of coffee, it was so good to see him face to face again.


        • AuburnScribbler

          Thanks for the read Andy, hope all is well.

          I totally agree with you and Neil Higgins, seeing your friends and family "live" is so much better; than over a video chat the could crash! Again, as I said to Neil, glad that your reunion was as good one, and that some good coffee was quaffed!

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