dusk arising


Come with me,
hold my hand,
I need the closeness,
human compassion.
Let us venture
to a place I go alone.
The place where
peace should dwell
but has been corrupted
by fear of the unknown.
Where aches, fears
and misgivings
fill the peaceful day.
Seek not to reassure me,
just hold my hand a while.


  • yellowrose

    Human touch ... is so important . Just someone to give you comfort

    • dusk arising

      There was an old song by the Four Tops called Reach Out. Which is what we all should do when those times of need come to us. Thanks Yellowrose.

      That song is worth a listen by the way.

      • yellowrose

        I had a hug with my twin sister the other day ... it felt so nice . I think a 30 second hug is supposed to release a feel good hormone .. aswell

        I will look for the song

      • Saxon Crow

        Beautiful poem Dusk. Beautiful and faved

      • Michael Edwards

        We all need someone to hold our hands from time to time - super write.

      • orchidee

        A fine write dusk.
        Were you saying 'Come away to a place where Orchi's not singing'?! heehee.

        • dusk arising

          Sing that old Beatles song Orchi....I wanna hold your hand.

        • Neil Higgins

          "let us venture to a place I go alone"
          To have a "someone" with us at important,or critical times,even though nothing is said is so important in my book.

          • dusk arising

            Yep, I so agree. Thank you Neil.

          • Neville

            just being there is often just what the doctor ordered isn't it ... just the ticket sir .... N

            • dusk arising

              Yes, there are times when its just the right thing.

            • The Uneducated O.A.P

              I was in the intensive care dept at the hospital saying goodbye to a dear friend about to have her life support switched off as I left there was a guy outside the ward alone and distressed , you wanna hug mate?. he walked over, no words spoken just 2 strangers finding comfort at a time it was needed the most. I relayed this story to well educated colleague " your nuts, I would never hug another man" " not nuts my friend, just human" I replied.

              • dusk arising

                In oncology you see people in all sorts of mental states definitely in need of some human comfort. Very worrying place for people to be. Then they ring that bell for someone who's just been given the all clear and your eyes fill up.

                • The Uneducated O.A.P

                  The bell of life does not ring often enough in there

                • AuburnScribbler

                  I am glad that you've written this dusk arising, as it reminds us that although we have a brain to think, we also have a heart to feel.

                  We are not robots, we are humans, and we need to keep in touch; to hold on to both a sense of belonging, and a sense of general happiness too.

                  Thank you for sharing, bravo, and I hope that all is well!

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