Niyitanga Pacifique

Good To Me


Not a beautiful face,
Just a nice look
Real and pure,
Not a nice or sexy figure 
Clacking voice, she can't sing,
But I love her whispers


She got no pretty eyes,
But tears from hers means a lot to me
They say "she's not wise,"
But to love me is wisdom too
Sweet words are absent in her speeches, 
But I got no lies in her promises 


Maybe she cannot teach something new,
And she cannot tease me like they did before 
With her, I can differentiate bliss from woe,
Not like those who gave me temporary climax
They say "she's not a good person,"
But I knew that she's a messenger from heaven 


Not sure if I'll call her my wife,
But I really know her worth in my life
Maybe these all are lies from my mind, 
And I'm sure, love will prove them all
I once welcomed her,
But not even a single minute I'll say goodbye to her.


  • Doggerel Dave

    I really enjoyed the way you explored the complexities of your attraction to this woman. You didn’t just call it ‘love’ and then witter on about the feeling, you gave it substance and I liked that very much.

  • Having hope

    A great combination of lovely ❣
    Like this writing so much dear poet ❤

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