I was a little girl, 

When I saw them, 

So close yet so far, 

Seemed the little twinkling dots, 

High up in the sky,

Radiating with hope and joy. 

I turn around,

to look at the face,

that mirrored my own. 

Standing before me, 

Was the man,

Who brought me into this world. 

Whose soul was chipped,

To create my own. 

Standing before me was my father. 

Afoot and ready to leave. 

So stealing some hope from the magical dots, 

I ask him to stay. 

Those hazel eyes of his, 

Penetrate me with such warmth, 

And he says; 

" If I stay today, 

There'll be remorse and pain, 

Chaos and destruction. 

There are people that count on me, 

When everything's blur. 

If I stay, 

Their hopes will drown. 

Trust will break."

' What about me? ' I ask, 

In the tiniest of voice.

To this he haunches in from of me, 

And says; 

" You'll find me in very man, 

Driven by the passion and love,

For this country and it's people. 

You my little girl,

Are the daughter of a soldier, 

Who never cries."

And for the one last time,

He hugs me tight, 

And whispers in my ear, 

" The world keeps spinning,

On the rythum of your heartbeats!"

With that,

the darkest of the night engulf him,

and he was gone, 

Leaving me to swell with pride. 


I stand in front of his lifeless body. 

His expressions showing the eternal love for this nation. 

Those hazel eyes of his,

Never locking with mine,

Never seeing the freedom he brought. 

With silence clouding my mind, 

I look around, 

And the scene beholding my eyes,

Cut through my heart. 

I see remorse, 

In the eyes of the woman beside. 

I see pain, 

In the hungry child wailing at a distance. 

I see chaos, 

In the souls surrounding me. 

I see hatred, 

In the hearts, 

That once promised loyalty and justice, 

To this land and its people. 

All looking down at me, 

With meaningless I don't need,

I don't ask. 

All I ask for is answers:

'Did he leave for nothing?' I question,

With tremors in my voice. 

The silence that greets me in response, 

Threatens to bring the tears that are forbidden. 

And then it strikes. 

The man laying in front of me, 

Wrapped in the colors of the country flag, 

And all of his peers, 

Deserved love as clear as the day, 

But all that the monsters ever gave,

Was a haze in the thunder. 

Thus, this time when I look up, 

I see him. 

I see my father; my hero, 

In every man whose blood, 

Is now mingling with the soil of my country. 

And me?  No!

I will not cry today. 

'Cause I am a soldier's daughter. 

So I do what he taught me. 

I close my eyes, 

Shushing the world around me. 

Holding his big calloused hands, 

In my tiny ones.

Hugging him close,

I whisper in his ears;

' The world keeps spinning, 

On the rythum of your heartbeats.'

The silence of his heart,

Was so loud,

that it pierced my soul. 


I look up, 

In the infinity of sky, 

And see them again. 

Those tiny magical dots,

Shining brightly down at me, 

With all the hope and joy that exists. 

In that moment,

In his arms, 

I cling to that hope. 

I pledge to make this freedom, 

Worth his loss. 

'Cause I am a soldier's daughter, 

Who never cries,

Never gives up. 

And I will not give up!

The end






  • dusk arising

    Although I am one who has come to abhor war, there is such dignity in your piece today. I was heartily moved. Well done for giving no clue as to the nationality for the sentiment is universal.
    A really well composed extremely moving piece.

    • AzaleaTruth

      To keep the nationality clueless was the most difficult part.... But I loved the journey. And as u said the sentiment is universal!!

      Thanks Dusk.

    • Doggerel Dave

      I never last with long pieces here; take in ten – twenty lines , scroll down and take in the last couple and move on (hence no response previously). Didn’t do that here – you grabbed me and I was forced to stay with you.
      In principle I loathe war. However it’s necessary to place in a different frame of reference the sacrifice made by those involved.
      You have done that with powerful verse.

      • AzaleaTruth

        Thank you so much Dave!

      • Accidental Poet

        You've made your Father proud by being the Soldier's Daughter he needed you to be. He's smiling for you today. ; )

        • AzaleaTruth

          I hope so!
          Thanks AP

        • Saxon Crow

          I love this poem

        • Goldfinch60

          Got absolutely hooked into your words Azalea, superb write and so emotive but so strong.

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