Saxon Crow

Empty Words

I have nothing to say today 
My inspiration has gone away
There's a deathly silence in my mind
As if imagination has suddenly died
And these words I write are empty too
Like an old newspaper torn and used
But still the need to write is there
It's like an ink addiction I have to share
I wonder if others feel the same 
A need to try and express in vain
And is this a reflection of living a life
When all you had has left or died
So I'll write these words knowing full well 
I've actually said nothing like a tongueless bell
Maybe tomorrow I'll have something to say
Maybe tomorrow I'll feel me again
Maybe tomorrow my words will have meaning 
A simple reflection of all that I'm feeling



  • Goldfinch60

    This does happen but your words today will give you the inspiration to write more words.


    • Saxon Crow

      It does GF and. Its bloody annoying!

    • Doggerel Dave

      Just don't go away Sax.
      l've got a poem on this situation stashed away...hope it stays there. I teeter on the edge of pinning it but need MPS - especially while in lockdown as I am right now.
      I strain with all me might.....

      • Saxon Crow

        I've no intention of going anywhere Dave. It's just a poem about not being able to write a poem. Although it is bloody annoying when you can't think of anything!

        Your poem sounds intriguing mate I think you should out it out there

      • Neville

        .. it happens all the bloomin time .. nice bit o self disclosive prose on a sunny Sunday mane goes down a treat with me toast n marmalade ...

        tomorrow will be different just you wait n see 🙂

        • Saxon Crow

          Thanks Nev. Yes, it does happen, alas. But at least we can write about it. The perks of poetry

        • Neil Higgins

          Stay the course SC.Your poetry "flow" is a wonderful read to behold.
          Cleverly written by the way.

          • Saxon Crow

            Thanks Neil, much appreciated. However, all is good. Can't be perfect everyday l. That being said I'd even settled for a morning!

          • Poetic Dan

            And yet in feeling nothing, you've felt everything so small!

            Fantastic work, yes an ink addiction still has its flaws. When I just can't sleep and need to write a bit more.

            • Saxon Crow

              Tell me about. Truth is I'm scared to stop or the flow might go!

              • Poetic Dan

                Ha never with a name like Saxon Crow, even if you don't want it! It's there, you know 😉

              • dusk arising

                The writers dilemma well expressed here.

                • Saxon Crow

                  Er, oh what is that word? Er, er,. Oh yes. Thanks Dusk :p

                • Laura🌻

                  Saxon Crow,

                  You’re truly a messenger of what we all have felt at some time or other.
                  Your “simple reflection of all that” you’re feeling is inspirational.

                  Laura 🌻

                  • Saxon Crow

                    Thank you Laura. Much appreciated

                    • Laura🌻

                      You’re welcome.

                    • Jerry Reynolds

                      Good write, S.C.
                      We ebb and we flow. The sun doesn't rise the earth rolls down we just can't feel it that way.

                      • Saxon Crow

                        Thanks Jerry. So true

                      • Jayasree

                        I can totally relate to that. The need to write is there but it's a blank sometimes. Beautifully expressed, you have made that dilemma into a poem. well done 🙂

                        • Saxon Crow

                          Thanks Jayasree. It's fear! Lol. If I stop then it might not come back!

                          • Jayasree

                            Ha ,ha .. That's a good one

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                          • Accidental Poet

                            Have Muse will write, even if subject of none. ; )

                          • AzaleaTruth

                            I had lost my inner muse once...I wasn't even able to express what exactly I felt back then.... But today I think I finally got a good explanation for my misery!!
                            Very well done Sax!

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