Fay Slimm.

Time Versus Love


Time Versus Love.


Time the rabid old monster

wants no permission

to gobble up passion,

knocks back agile wanting

and swallows up bliss

with indifferent non-action.


 - - - - - - YET - - - - - -


Love the ageless young mistress

smiles at rushed hunger,        

comforts each searcher

who needs some assistance  

to find ease in another     

with frequent undisguised thirst. 


  • dusk arising

    Frequent undisguised thirst eh?? I'll have a pint of that please.

    Time has certainly had a gobble at my passion.... i better find me that ageless young mistress you describe.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Ha -ha -- hope you succeed in your quest Dusk - - and will send you a bottle of undisguised thirst in the first post tomorrow..

    • Jerry Reynolds

      Poet sips from the spring of "Undisguised Thirst" and delivers a distinguished verse.

      • Fay Slimm.

        And so kind of you to say so Jerry. Glad you found the read entertaining my friend.

      • Neville

        you can beat an egg .. but you just can't beat an ageless young mistress Fay .............. x

        timeless my lady .............. n true ... 🙂 x

        • Fay Slimm.

          Ah - forsooth thy lady thanketh thee most profusely mine Sire - -- agelessy young maketh mistresses masters in arts of love as thou wilt agree.................x

        • The Uneducated O.A.P

          Many a man has quenched their thirst with an ageless young mistress, They are usually old, rich and with a poor wife kicked into touch after she has provided the obligatory children, or maybe I'me just jealous, lol.
          Nice one Fay.

          • Fay Slimm.

            Glad the read of my few words brought forth your wrath on such uncouth behaviour as those old enough to know better Bill.......... thanking you kindly for your wise comment.

          • Accidental Poet

            Beautifully and masterfully written Fay. ; )

            • Fay Slimm.

              So thrilled you enjoyed the read A.P,

            • Laura🌻

              My Dear Fay,

              Aah, yes indeed…
              “for those who love,
              time is

              A wonderful write , my dear poetess.
              Thank you for sharing .


              • Fay Slimm.

                Always my pleasure to share and receive your welcome reviews on my small efforts dear Laura.

              • Doggerel Dave

                Sorry Fay, but love (if indeed that's what we are talking about) old and comfortable is better.
                Love-erly write, though.

              • MendedFences27

                Love is either a desert or a garden, never anything in between. The "ageless young mistress" of which you speak is imaginary, a dream in the mind of a lover, but the "frequent undisguised thirst" surely exists in reality. Love can be eternal if two hearts are in sync. What a beautiful poem for my Sunday respite. Loved it.- Phil A

              • Goldfinch60

                Such true words Fay, love can overcome all.


              • Freni Karaluthara

                I liked your poem. most loved lines
                Love the ageless young mistress

                smiles at rushed hunger,

                comforts each searcher

                who needs some assistance

                to find ease in another

                with frequent undisguised thirst.

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