Poetic Dan

Customer become friends, poetic blister & brother with a pen

I'm going to make this up on the spot, not because I'm cleaver but lots of love in my snot!

Coming up for the age of 2 and lots more curls of cuteness to boot, taking our world by storm and just waiting for more.

4 kids and 2 dogs with others that come and stay, I can honestly say my life is full of many rays.

To the customer that become friends, with my poetic blister and brothers in pens. I live each moment amongst your steps, shadows aren't lonely and the light becomes shared.

So I give this all to anyone that cares, we are all one of a kind and I am happy you are here.


  • yellowrose

    Hi Dan 🙂 happy Friday to you too ! I hope you have a nice day ) lovely words here . I can’t say I have many friends .... well who I spend time with , I have my twin sister and a few people I might talk to online ...

    Your lucky to be able to make friends 🙂 I hope your ok today .

    I like it on this site and I feel like it’s a kind supportive place

    • Poetic Dan

      Good morning to you! I definitely don't have bundles of them and we always welcome more, if you ever find your self on worthing seafront then you'll have a friend real close for sure.

      The world is our garden and love is here to share just like you said, the same as I have found this to be only because of the open souls here.

      Have a beautiful day!

    • Neil Higgins

      Dan.This really is superb,and very positive.Yes.Really.
      Keep writing my friend.

      • Poetic Dan

        Always trying to balance my negative buddy and appreciate your time

      • Accidental Poet

        Never give up if you can feel that inner beat, as together we make this place pretty sweet! I'll agree with that Dan. And Happy Friday to you also. ; )

        • Poetic Dan

          Hope yours was good and on with the next, cheers for being the cherry on top!

        • Saxon Crow

          Legend friend that you are
          Shine so bright you poetic star

          • Poetic Dan

            Ooooo read it yesterday and again today I think we're both heroes in this part time game....
            Thanks for being in rhyme and of course your time

          • Thekkinkkattil

            friendship is the sweetest flower in the garden of love

            • Poetic Dan

              Absolutely love this, you are are kind to give me your time.

              Much peace and respect

            • Goldfinch60

              Very good words Dan, life is wonderful and for you to share your life is even better, thank you.


              • Poetic Dan

                It's always on a swing and you honestly help me feel better knowing your always here and with my spirit to wait for it to come back the other way!

              • Laura🌻


                Wow 🤩 …
                an amazing write showing us ( the readers) your extensive ability to write ‘on the spot’.
                Your capacity to love and write is immeasurable! Never doubt yourself (your poetic blister is telling you so)! We care and we are ‘happy you are here’!

                I enjoyed the video very much.
                Thank you for sharing.


                • Poetic Dan

                  Finally sat down to give this a read because this was definitely written with you in mind! Thanks again for coming back to shine!

                  • Laura🌻

                    I thank you, my dear ‘brother with a pen’. I appreciate you taking the time from your busy schedule to write your awesome poem with your ‘poetic blister’ in mind.

                    Have a wonderful weekend.☺️

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