Me And Only Me

I used to always doubt,
About my visiblity everywhere,
Do I need to shout?
Then only will you hear?
They looked at me,
Like i was the weirdo,
I didn't told them to see,
Their mirror; if they think so,
I used to compete with myself,
I used to laugh with me,
I used to care myself,
I used to cry with me,
If in everywhere there was me,
Then what was the need of someone,
I don't want anyone to see,
The way I am is fun,
I used to share my pain with me,
I used to smile in my little day dream,
Those little dreams came with glee,
Better than those nightmares where I screamed,
Those alone time and scary days,
Everywhere people I used to see,
They all annoy with the words they say,
I am happy being alone with me...


  • Goldfinch60

    It is so important to be at one with yourself, good words Ishika

    • Ishika

      Thank you!

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