A Golden Deer Dear To Me

Freni Karaluthara

A Golden Deer Dear To Me

A lovely golden deer grazing in the distance,
in the captivating meadow of my fantasy,
near the stream of my charming spirit,
in the land of my love's imperium.
Not far, but not in neighbourhood of my heart.
I love watching it feeding on my sward.
How beautiful it is with its golden eyes,
and its stealthy glance into my soul.
I sense in its eyes fear and mistrust.
An untamed beauty in nearby lawn.
It pretends it hasn't seen me watching,
I stay still and love watching its graze.
Even if you don't come tamed into my garden,
stay and don't leave my nearness.

  • Author: Freni Karaluthara (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 3rd, 2021 05:12
  • Comment from author about the poem: The meaning of my poems. „A Golden Deer Dear To Me“ is a poem, which I wrote a long time ago. The reference to the golden deer in the title is from the Ramayana (epic). Rama and his Wife Sita und Rama’s brother Lakshmana live a period of time in the Forest. Sita is beatiful. Ravana, Asura king plan to kidnap Sita. At the behest of Ravana, a demon named Marichan came as a golden deer to keep Rama and Lakshmana away from Sita. Sita wanted to have this golden deer and rama and his brother try to catch it. But the golden deer goes away and away from them. The Golden Deer is an illusion. Ravana arrives in disguise at this time and kidnaps Sita. It is not a poem about a deer as it seems at the first reading. The deer is a symbolic. It's about a friend. In every poem hides the poet a secret. Let us now come to the poem. A golden deer feeds in the fascinating lawn of my imagination. Beside my beautiful streem of my soul. A golden deer grazing in a short distance away in the empire of my love. Not too far, but not in the neighbourhood of my heart. I love to see it graze on my next lawn. It has beautiful golden eyes. More beautiful is its stelthy look into my soul. (I often see it grazing on a lawn on the other side of WhatsApp) Although you don‘t come to my garden. Garden of friendship. A Garden quite near to house. Don't leave my presence. When you finish reading the poem, you can see the golden deer coming closer and closer. The deer, which was a short distance away, reached the lawn near the poet's house. The poet's wish that, it shouldn`t leave his presence.
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  • Saxon Crow

    Even if you don't come tamed into my garden,
    stay and don't leave my nearness.

    Wow to a beautiful ending of a, beautiful poem

    • Freni Karaluthara

      Dear Saxon Crow, thank your for taking time to read and to comment on my poem.

    • Thekkinkkattil

      Captivating golden deer with mistrust and fear in its eyes.Nicely penned

    • Goldfinch60

      Wonderful words Freni, maybe one time it will come into your garden and become part of you.


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