I woke up,


I couldn't see the clock

As light won't permit me.  

I got up from the bed

And open the windows

Hearing the birds chirping,

I thought," do they ever sleep?"  

I glanced at the bed

Where my sister slept 

With no worry   

To find my spectacles

I lay my hands

To find it between the books Of Chemistry and Tough Maths  

I roamed around my home

As I saw the beauty of Aurora from inside I couldn't resist anymore  

So I opened the door of the lawn And I fell on the grass

The beauty I saw

Of Aurora  

I lay there for a full thirty minutes

I saw the birds chirping

Talking to themselves about something

Or perhaps, just singing  

Then I saw the lush greenery, the sky...

It was colorful

As I saw some birds fly

  It was so beautiful to see,

The beauty of Aurora

The beauty of Early Morning  

I made myself a cup of coffee

While hearing the birds chirping

As I completed the coffee,

I took out a chair

And I saw the sky grew greyer  

I didn't go inside

And took no umbrella

As I wanted to experience

The beauty of Aurora.....  

I danced away in the rain

Not caring the least

I felt inside, so happy

As I felt the beauty of Aurora  

Later that evening

I sat at the table

And I wrote about the beauty of Aurora

The beauty of Aurora...                                                                                                                                            


  • Goldfinch60

    Dancing in the rain is so refreshing. Good words Pramuk.


  • Lorna

    Pramuk you have us all there with Aurora - lovely tribute.

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