dusk arising

lies to kill for



his peasant moon
he'd marvelled at creation,
the reason for it all?


Haunted still,
he returned
to the place where blood
tainted every footfall
across a now barren valley
of death and vengence.


Here...  forgiveness
became poisoned
by the faith each
waring nation
lustfully instilled within
it's enthusiastic youth
to create righteous
murdering soldiers.


from practiced lips
of long corrupt religion
had come the disgusting lie
"God be with you"


         Each wound

.                a gaping hole

.                        in mans religious fabrication


  • L. B. Mek

    for me, just knowing for myself is enough
    its 2021
    when at a click of a google search
    anyone can find out the true history
    of so many trusted organisations in our community
    its bordering on wilful negligence
    for anyone to pretend they don't know,
    so I can only assume, they already know
    but choose to invest in their faith anyway,
    in which case, all I can do
    is hope them the best,
    but feel its completely pointless to try and
    'open peoples eyes'
    when they've chosen to self-blockade
    their minds...

    • dusk arising

      Thank you LBM. Lets not forget though, those who've (your phrase) 'chosen to self blockade their minds' are the victims of an oppressive organised religion who has instilled FEAR into their minds as impressionable children. Such childhood impressions are very difficult to come to terms with and overcome. Easier by far to turn the page, look the other way and never listen to the phrase 'the worst thing you can do is to do nothing'.

      • L. B. Mek

        agree totally, doing nothing is morally taxing
        but sadly, life is fleeting
        and our choices, limited
        so we have to decide for ourselves
        if we're gonna waste our time
        fighting for someone who chooses
        to not fight for themselves
        or move-on, safeguarding
        our own sanity
        and helping the many out there
        with outstretched hands, despairing;
        its a way of life, kinda choice
        one is sustainable and rewarding
        one is self-defeating and rewarding..

      • Teddy.15

        I could never believe in any god dear Dusk, simply because I couldn't fathom how he could be, saying that I would never take away the beliefs of others, you make some damn good points to those who are non believers

        from practiced lips
        of long corrupt religion
        had come the disgusting lie
        "God be with you.

        Even in the Christmas film miracle on 34th Street there was a scene which threw out the belief of God on the Dollar because some refused to believe in father Christmas. So there it is. We should all believe in what we believe in without judgement and prejudice and that goes for you too, you also have the right to believe in what you wish. My thoughts today are with Afghanistan, because if we really want to see what religion does we only have to look on the TV. Ps, people don't want to debate religion simply because it is not a winnable argument from any sides.

        • dusk arising

          Why do some people let their young children be brainwashed into believing in a god by the clever use of fear. It's certainly a successful time to indoctrinate a person with a belief and fear in those tender years. I was indoctrinated too into christianity until such time as a reason the reject it came along and, just as Goldfinch has said elsewhere, it felt as if a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I don't mind anyone having their beliefs so long as 1) it's not used to harm others ans 2) they don't adopt the richeous stance of preaching as is seen all too often on mps.

          • Teddy.15

            Agreed, we should simply have the right to believe in what we want, without force or brainwashing.

          • Neil Higgins

            I am not religious,but do believe I will "survive death?
            The alternative is not worth thinking about.
            Faith is your choice.But if you can go to "the roof" then so can I.

            • dusk arising

              A good point Neil. Why has religion taken upon itself the dual standard of follow the god of love and you'll goto heaven or be a sinner and goto hell. A two faced god? I agree with your final sentence entirely. Obviously the churches used fear to generate faith and in times of no education they could get away with it. Today we are educated and far more aware, able to reason things through, to see dual standards and acknowledge the ones which shout out to our intelligence.
              To be critical of the organised religions (or churches as I often call them) does not mean one has to disbelieve in god or a supreme power. Personally I do believe there is such a power but that power is not the god which the churches have been teaching of and the methods churches use and abuse throws their version of god into a rather bad light. As seen by those who are prepared to see past the blinkers those churches would have us wear.

            • Coyote

              YES! You say it so perfectly in this fine piece of writing. Organized religion is the real enemy of humanity and yes, some practitioners have good intentions but there's an old saying about the paving of the road to Hell that justly applies. Again, an excellent write sir!

              • dusk arising

                Thank you Coyote. The churches were of course originally set up as a power base even before the days of jesus. Today the roman catholic church is the wealthiest financial organisation on the planet.... which flies in the face of this quote from the bible "it is easier for a rich man to pass through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven".

              • Neville

                this is quite possibly one of the finest examples of leaning into the punch with the shoulder and not pulling back ..

                and without doubt, now one of my favourites DA ............................. N

                • dusk arising

                  Thank you Neville.

                  • Neville

                    a mere thankyou is an understatement

                  • Goldfinch60

                    That religious fabrication has so many untruths in it, we need to be at one with our own Spirit (God) to be at true peace within ourselves.


                    • dusk arising

                      So many are afraid to acknowledge and address the contradictions they perceive in the organised religions through fear instilled in them as children/

                    • Poetic Dan

                      That's my kind of cuppa but I'm sure it will be a few generations yet to really come out of that dark place we're coming from.

                      Sadly fantastic work my friend

                      • dusk arising

                        There have been peacemakers on this planet for thousands of years Dan but wars still take place. We say we want peace but we have to admit to dual standards. HUmanity is not a collection of peaceful tribes and each tribe claims their god is helping them. We are a mess really aren't we.

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