Live it: your way!

L. B. Mek

Notice of absence from L. B. Mek
'fare ye well' kind friends


It’s ok, to not: be ok


Struggling to find those sunshine rays

on a cloudless day,

or sparkling stars on a moonless night


feeling alone while at the epicentre

of your family gathering, 

or craving attention while being a shut-in


It’s ok, to not: be ok


If years of dedication to showcase

your talents, merely make you a target

while those you deem, talentless

seemingly triumph without effort


It’s ok, to not: be ok


When grief becomes a permanent shadow, anchoring

your heart and shackling your lungs

dreading, your lonesome tomorrow’s

so each sipped breath, is an epic poem to overcome 


It’s ok, to not: be ok


If your childhood is a nightmare tale

horror Genres are Too scared, to tell


It’s ok, to not: be ok


Fighting for love

with everything you have

while other’s, brazenly

take and ask for more

then forget to wave

as they sail for glitzier shores


It’s ok, to not: be ok


If you read these words

and Smirk, knowingly

at the foolishness

of us, whom you deem

far less intelligent 

for enabling

those you view, as a scourge 

by spouting our empty words

of wishful hope

when you know, for certain

at that bleak hour

no one

would ever, bother

to check

if you still remembered, a time 

when breathing

wasn’t something, you did

without, first

having to remind yourself

it’s something: you need.


It’s ok, to not: be ok


If you read these words

and laugh, at how absurd

some people dramatize

mere brushstrokes, with pain

because you’re certain

weakness, is only a mindset

easily corrected, if people

would only get a backbone, I mean

look how successful, you’ve turned

that hellishly vile beginning, to your life


what you’ve come to realise

as a gift, for shaping you

into something wilfully, unbreakable 

and so what, if your tear ducts

are mere ash

seared-tight by all that burning hate

you Choose, to fuel

your painstakingly bleak

daily survival. 


It’s ok, to not: be ok


If you can’t read a word of English 

but find your emotions bubbling 

and your eyes, glistening 

yearning, to know

this cathartic experience’s, true meaning


have an Oxbridge doctorate

in languages

but find yourself, befuddled 

by the sheer pointlessness 

of what you’ve just been reading


It’s ok, to not: be ok


It’s ok if you think, politics

is our only meaningful answer

or revolutionary anarchy

our only way to stave-off, extinction 


It’s ok if you feel, religion

is our only solution 

or you wish there was a deity

just, to have your say


It’s ok if science is a nuclear certainty

for our demise, in your eyes

or if you can’t wait for nirvana’s promise

of time travelling, immortality 


It’s ok, if you can’t find the energy to care

about anyone or anything and simply stare


or, you prefer perching on fences.


Truly: it’s ok to not, be ok

for our lives didn’t come

with a start-up manual 

of do’s and don’ts

or small print promises

of happiness and peace


All we started with

was a beating heart

and a gasp of air


everything else

every gesture

every thought

every sound

every word 

every moment


we created, ourselves 

by design, maybe

or stubborn luck, possibly 


So really, I promise you

it’s perfectly natural

that we’re all

so imperfectly, fallible 

together and individually 

existing, as part

of a seemingly chaotic

universe, within Nature’s

cyclical, weather bubble 

of conflicting, gravitational balance 

between our glimmering, hopeful nights

and our consequences of stark, daylight. 


It’s ok to not, be ok

what matters, Most

is that we Fight, to grasp

at those featherweight tethers to Fortitude

striving to survive, long enough 

to take that next, all-important breath

knowing, all of existence 

asked nothing more of us, from the start


so all those crippling fears and aspirations 

we helped manifest into our lives

we can simply, try to ignore

for now, and just concentrate 


on experiencing

one more breath

one more second

and eventually, hopefully

one more rise

one more step

on our march


to whatever, better

we look to aspire towards

Choosing: for ourselves...


Or not, and simply wait

for inevitability’s, final note…


It’s ok, to not: be ok!


Just remember 

if you’re Living, through it

Chances are

you Know of someone

that’s already: Survived it!

or Sadly

Mercifully, they’ve escaped it…


Time, is fleetingly finite

seems pointless, to waste it

rather, lets loot our share

and boldly choose: to live it! 



© L. B. Mek 

April 2021

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  • rebmasters

    Magnificent, masterful & truly wonderful x

    • L. B. Mek

      I feel like anyone who took the time
      to read this humble scribble
      should have their patience rewarded somehow, lol
      thank you! dear poet, how very kind

    • Violet bluebell( used to be yellow rose)

      An amazing read ... well expressed ))

      • L. B. Mek

        glad you enjoyed it and thank you
        for investing your precious time
        to read such a lengthy write, dear poet

      • Fay Slimm.

        A truly amazing perspective on what we see in existence as each moment arrives and then fades. - - this is surely one of your best L.B. and certainly goes to the top of my favourite list. Loud applause for all the hard work in writing this saga of life in its unfolding and how to "Live it Your Way"

        • L. B. Mek

          will never get over, how rewarding it feels
          to gain your recognition and support
          for my humble scribbles, thank you! dear Fay

        • Lorna

          LB - wow....... If only the world could "get" this message. You are an "old soul" I'm thinking...... I started to hold my breathe while I was reading it.

          • L. B. Mek

            'old soul' or just plain old? lol
            so glad you could connect with the write
            at a deeper level, its so rewarding
            to have readers understand the message
            I was trying to convey, and sorry
            for making you read something so long
            you forgot, how to breathe... lol 😉
            appreciate your encouraging comments
            humbly, I thank you

          • dusk arising

            Cor blimey LBM you took me on a journet here, from pillar to post. I dont think i know anybody who isn't well within the compromise of being ok with not being ok, self included. Heck the grudges outlined in my MPS post bear witness to such.
            A good read, I'm still trying to get my breath back.

            • L. B. Mek

              sorry Dusk, admittedly it is a little long
              thank you for investing the time, dear poet
              if it gets your approval then I know
              this must be a decent write;
              really appreciate your encouraging
              and as-always, insightful comments

            • Dove

              I love it, it’s very well versed “ featherweight Tethers’ ooo so nice! Yes, it’s okay not to be ok

              • L. B. Mek

                it really is, isn't it?
                wish more people can realise it
                would help them deal with life
                a little better I feel, maybe...
                (but what do I know) lol
                thank you for your continuous support, dear poet

              • Thekkinkkattil

                Very nicely written beautiful poem.A very positive attitude

                • L. B. Mek

                  so glad you enjoyed the read
                  thank you! for investing the time
                  and for writing such an encouraging comment
                  really appreciate your support

                • Neville

                  wot an epic abridged version of 'the universe and the meaning of everything' you have gifted your readers today sir ...

                  I just feel sorry for those who for whatever reason are gonna miss out .........

                  and I did chose the word epic very carefully my friend ..

                  just in case you were wondering

                  your loyal fan, Me 🙂

                  • L. B. Mek

                    oh now, look what you've gone and done
                    give me a sec to blink back me tears, Manfully
                    right.. em, erm... I,hmmmmm
                    just, you know
                    thank you, means a lot and stuff
                    you know..
                    ya... you do, know!

                  • chasing_sunsets

                    Mmhmm! This is great, I love it. Thank you for this wonderful read, I needed these words tonight.

                    • L. B. Mek

                      makes it all worthwhile, for me
                      humbly, I thank you - so very, very much!
                      you've made my Day!

                    • Goldfinch60

                      Super words Mek, may that fortitude be forever within us.


                      • L. B. Mek

                        indeed my insightful friend, Fortitude
                        is a key element of the message
                        I was trying to convey;
                        we Must, find a way
                        we Must, Choose to Strive
                        so that maybe, we Too
                        can get a chance to Thrive!
                        thank you, Andy

                      • Poetic Dan

                        Had to come back to this for breakfast and so glad I did, as others have said here! It's a privilege to read your words my friend, have a fantastic day!

                        • L. B. Mek

                          glad you liked it, dear poet
                          and thanks for the continuous encouragement,
                          stay safe, my friend

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