Michael Edwards

Harold's Lament



( Subtitled: 'The History Books Got It Wrong')


In 1066 with all good grace

I bent down low to tie my lace

But that was where it went awry

A target made of my third eye

And sure enough it came to pass

An arrow bulls-eyed up my arse.



  • dusk arising

    CoR! what a shot, right in the chuffer!

    Dont think of it as yer downfall
    ya could have copped it in the eyeball
    he missed by miles
    and gave u piles
    and a poem thats simply ribald

  • orchidee

    Oh lol. A fun write M.

    • Doggerel Dave

      Orchi - you could have made a little bit more of an effort here, don't you think? It's 1066, man - are you going to tell us you weren't a witness? So Andy is our last resort for verification here - not, I might add, that I doubt Michael's account for one minute......

      Michael: at least we now know the truth....

      • Michael Edwards

        Yes he got it in the eye but not the one recorded in history books written years after the event.

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      • L. B. Mek

        a fun read Michael
        not sure how we go about verifying
        one historical 'fact'
        as being more 'factual' than another
        generally I assume, all information
        has its accuracy decrease
        with each forgotten second

      • myself and me

        Obviously, it was not a good idea to bend down to tie the lace.

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