Edward Charles McDevitt


Thinking to myself "I can't take this anymore",

Sitting here and looking at an open door.

With an open door I have also open arms,

This loneliness I feel is setting off alarms.

Bells are ringing loudly in this little head,

Trying to rest as I lie here in my bed.

Siblings have I not over now two years,

My blue/gray eyes drained of all its' tears.

They are all gone as are Daughter and a Son,

My heart once full now emptiness begun.

Parents both now gone Husband is as well,

Swollen heart deflated burning me like Hell.

Generous to a fault plus caring that I be,

I still not am seeing the other side of me.

Know not the reason of this happenstance, 

Forward I go not a backward glance.

Avoiding hurdles stacked along the way,

Ducking branches keeping harm at bay.

Rainbow ahead and rain is in my face,

Luck may be ahead better keep the pace.

Tripped by stones and skinning of my shin,

Is this a race that I possibly can't win?

I set examples you from under wing,

My deflated Heart the target of the sting.

Tell me the reason for this insanity,

Am I blind or what is not I see?

I must stop this reflecting that I do,

Seek an answer maybe from one clue.

No, No, NO - leave it all alone,

End and beginning facing me like stone.




  • Jay-Lee Jane

    wow i really love this! it has great flow and is very emotive! this poem comes from the soul and i can really feel it in your writing!!

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      Thank you Jay-Lee for your kind words. As you probably saw, I haven't put pen to paper for quite some time. Emotionally drained, I finally sat down and wrote this emotion that I feel on a daily basis. It's quite sad as I now must choose my friends and family because of the situation at hand. I'm slowly coming out of this horrendous shell. Thanks for reading as I appreciate all comments good and/or bad. Have a nice day!

    • Robert Haigh

      Life can indeed be hard, but we have to carry on. A sad poem, but one full of resolve, I would say.

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Oh, yes Robert! I'm beginning to see the lighter side of things. I just posted another.. Thanks for commenting! It is appreciated.

      • Poetic Dan

        Wow.... I'll try to come back to this but for now my soul feels a little less of the loneliness! Really appreciate my on breath after this!

        Keep up the write
        Much peace and respect

        • Edward Charles McDevitt

          I'm realizing that just living life is truly hard! We all have different circumstances and, I hope all goes well for you, Dan. Best of luck and, thanks for reading/commenting. Hugs dear friend...

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