Reality Check

Edward Charles McDevitt

On this site late morning, did I clearly see,

Solitary a poem, that was written by me.

A comment made by someone seems so dear,

Kinds words said that made them feel near.

Emotions flowed like water in a stream,

Seeming surreal, almost as a dream.

Reality set in, slapping hard my face,

Tears down my cheek, now hardly a trace.

Seeing my reflection, noticing a smile,

Just a little shock, as its' been a while.

My deflated heart is swelling now anew,

Rising each day, gazing at the dew.

Brighter it is, as the day goes by,

Now I have a sparkle in my blue/gray eye.

The comment you made, really meant a lot,

Words of encouragement, truly hit the spot.

Racing now and, in my head some wins,

Getting out of bed, a new day begins!


  • Author: Edward Charles McDevitt (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 25th, 2021 10:30
  • Comment from author about the poem: The comment made on \\\"Solitary\\\" really opened my eyes. Thank You!!!
  • Category: Friendship
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  • Poetic Dan

    Yes so absolutely true how it can feel from a single comment and ture my inner sky blue!
    Thank you so much for sharing and a good day too!

    • Edward Charles McDevitt

      Again Dan, thanks for the encouragement. It is truly appreciated. Hugs.

    • myself and me

      I am so glad for you. On our way, we have rainy days and sunny days as well. Enjoy your day.

      • Edward Charles McDevitt

        Thanks so much for the well wishes. My rainy days have been years! I've moved on and am choosing my own friends and family. Thank you for reading/commenting. Have a good one yourself. Kudos my friend.

      • L. B. Mek

        wonderful, I'll try and read your other post
        thanks for sharing, so happy for you!

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