dusk arising

shall we know peace

shall we know peace
when she comes
this stranger to our land
will she lay to rest
the lost who loved
denied by murdering hands
father the orphaned child
and soothe
its ravaged loss

heal the wounds which
seep the pus of vengence
plant seeds of forgiveness
rebuild a faith in trust
feed the hungry mouths
restore human dignity


for tomorrows child is watching


  • Neville

    sent a shiver down my spine so ya did .. say it like it is sir .. ragged n real ..
    not pretty but loved to the core ..

    • dusk arising

      Well we don't have to look far across the Irish sea to find how peace can be made to work by people who are wise enough to want it to work. Not perfect but..... precious. Thanks for reading my humble thoughts on this huge issue for our world.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Those two first lines did it for me with their question "shall we know peace
      when she comes" - oh the pathos of children seeing such things as they are growing and what a telling statement to end this powerful verse against hatred - --"for tomorrows child is watching" A heart rending read and one for my keeping dear Dusk.

      • dusk arising

        N Ireland comes to mind as a working solution fuelled by peoples hearts. There tomorrows child saw both sides suffering via that TV which we used to say was the bain of our lives. It seems to be the platform for social justice these days. At least it appears to be where broadcasting is not state regulated.
        A bit of a bee in my bonnet rides beneath this subject.

      • Saxon Crow

        A very strong, relevant and honest poem here my friend. It's the sad lament of people who never learn

        • dusk arising

          As I've mentioned in reply to other comments here, it is really heartwarming to see that in N Ireland there is a peace in the land. That the young who watched wanted something better. Imperfect maybe but so much better than what was. Thanks for reading and your valued words Sax.

        • Laura🌻

          My Dear Dusk,

          Your written words are so true! My heart is breaking for all those who are suffering through these horrific times in the Middle East…especially for the children.
          Thank you for sharing your poem.


          • dusk arising

            I seem to keep referring to N Ireland and the changes there in my responses to this peace. It can be achieved if the public are allowed to educated themselves about it..... simply watching TV brings social awareness to young minds..... would that it were so in further afield places.

          • The Uneducated O.A.P

            Great stuff, but It's tomorrow's child that will be carrying the guns as was it yesterday's. Some of these 'poor' children are brainwashed murdering machines same as their parents. It will never change, sadly

            • dusk arising

              It changed for N ireland in our times. Imperfect but vastly improved. Whatever was the catalyst there should be adopted universally. We are a waring bunch of tribes and peacemakers have been failing since year dot but ...... lets not stop them trying.

            • Goldfinch60

              If only.... come to mind. I sincerely hope that tomorrows child will be able to see peace in all their world.


              • dusk arising

                Sneek a peek at yesterdays child of N ireland. Did they want more of the troubles.... thankfully no. There must be lessons there to be utilised.

              • matthew jay

                It is told so well. Violence brings more violence a never ending cycle leading to insanity. I hope for our children's sake we change.

              • Lorna

                The answer is "no".

                • dusk arising

                  In N Ireland the children were watching and both they and their parents said enough! They have created a peace which may be imperfect but its a far sight better than what went before.
                  It doesn't have to be a 'no'.

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