As the bells toll
As the sky turns dark grey
As the birds halt their flight
As the world is hushed into silence

A terrible illness struck
Befalling many a person
A lottery in life

So strong is it's grip
So lacking in it's choosing
The severity a gamble
A shocking state it's landed us in

Across the world 
No boundaries placed before it
Hundreds and thousands suffering
And no one has a clue to what caused it

How can this be
How vile and deadly in it's ransom
As we scramble for solutions
We are at the mercy of the little known


  • Lorna

    Sadly, reading history, this is just a taste of past plagues.

  • L. B. Mek

    true words
    a wonderful read, thanks for sharing

  • Neil Higgins

    As Lorna has said, history is full of plagues,illness, catastrophe,and who knows what's around the corner.I know a few who caught Covid-19,and thankfully lived to get better.
    I have had my two AZ jabs,and still wear a face mask everywhere outside.Late 2019,till now,feels like a modern equivalent of the Dark Ages in Modern Society.
    And I will have my booster-jab this late autumn,along with my flu jab.

  • Goldfinch60

    Unfortunately we may have to accept this as always being with us.


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