I grew up in a land where the hills were endless
The sky was blue
Near to a very quaint town
I've never been anywhere like it
The people were friendly
And the grass grew green
We used to do lots of walking
To waterfalls and down the trickling streams
Up to bald rock, even though it was a bit of a trek!
The seasons were noticable
And so were the storms

I grew up proud
I grew up feeling the grass beneath my feet
To feel the warmth coating my body
Brown and happy


  • Doggerel Dave

    Good for you - I don't know why you left.
    Don't worry - I'm a notorious party pooper; but much poetry, for me, could do with a little less romance and a little more realism.

  • Thekkinkkattil

    Nostalgic about your land have you left it. Your poem retains the essence of your land

  • Neil Higgins

    Sounds amazing.Was watching a documentary with Richard E Grant,and he spent his childhood in Africa,and waxed lyrically about it.
    So glad you had the chance to experience all that you wrote above BusyB

    • BusyB

      I grew up with Richard and his family, so knew him back in the day. Have you watched wah wah.

      • Neil Higgins

        You mean this one:
        Wah Wah
        Director: Richard E. Grant
        Starring: Gabriel Byrne; Emily Watson; Julie Walters; Nicholas Hoult; Miranda Richardson

      • Lorna

        How nice of you to take us there! I can feel the freedom!

      • BusyB

        Yes Neil!!

      • Goldfinch60

        Fine words BusyB, may that warmth be forever with you.


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