Triangular garden

Under the African sky
A yellow warm light bathes us
Allowing birds to fly and soar
Sits an old oak tree
In a triangular garden
It takes center stage
In all it's wonderous might
Thick waisted, reaching skywards
Branches true and proud
Very sturdy and certain
The only oak in the garden
The other trees, jacaranda and pine
Equally as fine, but harder to climb
In summer in a blaze of glory
With big wide leaves and acorns for furry theives
A purple carpet of flowes
Pine needles evergreen with cones forming
I loved that garden
It's variety, splendour up in the canopy
With changing seasons
Each so different from the other
But each with their own story


  • Goldfinch60

    Those stories captured by nature must be so wonderful BusyB.


  • rebmasters

    A lovely reverie & timeless memory. Beautiful ❤️

  • yellowrose

    A lovely poem ... liked reading this 🙂

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