Florence J

Teeny tiny bubble

Let’s stay in our bubble,

Where time is still and joy is ever present.

Where loneliness is a foreign concept and sorrow is unheard of.

Let’s bask in this love that we have created together

And bounce off our positive vibrations that fill the entire space.


Let’s walk barefoot and connect with nature,

Let our toes wiggle in the grass…

Communicating with our ancestors.


Let’s be still and just smile, not stressing about the outside world.

Composing odes to joy and becoming lost in our limitless dreams.


Let’s stargaze all night and watch the sun come up,

Let’s romanticise our lives where everything is Grammy worthy.


Let’s dance like it’s our last night and toast like it’s a birthday celebration,

Not everyday feels like today… so let’s not forget this sensation.


This is our bubble, tiny in size but it’s perfect.

Our escape from reality

Where rules cease to exist, yet we simultaneously write them as we go along.


Where confusion meets understanding.

And love & peace abound endlessly.


Let’s stay in our bubble forever.

  • Author: Florence J (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: September 7th, 2021 16:15
  • Category: Friendship
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