Saxon Crow

State of Grace (a serial killers tale)

God has put me here in a state of grace
To do good deeds in this ugly place
For beauty that only I can see
I capture and frame for eternity
I find my muse with an angelic look
Then ply them with tea laced with hemlock
And as they quickly pass to the light
I see Gods beauty within their eyes
With much reverence and worshipful study
I pluck out their eyes and then consume the body
For God has said do not be tempted by flesh
So I eat it all while it's warm and fresh
But the eyes are the gateway to the soul
So I  preserve them and hang them on my wall
And it is only I that can truly see
That God is staring back at me
And then I pray and honour my lord
My soul filled with his heavenly reward
Then once my work is done again
I continue my purpose in this ugly place
I can't explain who the anointed shall be
I only know when God tells me
But it's in the eyes that much is true
So let me see because it could be you


  • Arvy

    it was all games and fun until the last lineπŸ™‚

    • Saxon Crow

      Mwahahahahaaaa aaaaaaaa aaaa aaa..... πŸ‘€

    • orchidee

      This is the fanaticism of some minds, who justify killing even, by saying 'God told me to'.
      Meanwhile - quite a bad hair-day!

      • Saxon Crow

        Orrrr he's just f***ed in the head?! Pardon mon francaise Mon aimee

        • orchidee

          Bit of French there.....!

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        • Goldfinch60

          The truth can be seen in peoples eyes but if you kill them and save the eyes their Spirit will go on and never die


          • Saxon Crow

            Oooooooo. Scary

          • Teddy.15

            lol it could be you, on the bbq? thats what i got from your last line. oh i am terrified you gave me goosebumps, your dark muse has posessed you and i love it! brilliant and so intimidating and convincing. yes yes yes. genius poet you.

            • Saxon Crow

              Who said anything about a bbq?! A bit of ketchup that's all you need!

              • Teddy.15

                LOL it just my lips BBQ not ketchup LOL 🀣🀣🀣🀣

              • Neil Higgins

                Reminds me a little of a Monty Python sketch,where architect's are interviewing perspective job seekers.John Cleese applies and says" as you can see,as the tenants use the lifts,the rotating knives slice them into a hundred pieces,and the flesh and..."
                Terry Jones stops him and says"Are you proposing to slaughter our tenants?"
                John Cleese replies"Yes.Is that not what you want?"
                Startled looks all around
                John Cleese"Oh I see.I'm sorry.I thought you wanted an slaughterhouse,.I can build you a nice abattoir if you want"
                Madness is probably in all of us It's just how you use it 😱

                What a great poem,for er.....all the wrong reasons SC.

                • Saxon Crow

                  Lol. Coincidentally Neil I've just attempted a pythonesque poem and now read your comment. How funny.

                • Robert Haigh

                  A grisly but highly amusing tale. Horror and comedy beautifully combined!

                  • Saxon Crow

                    Thanks Robert. Glad you enjoyed it

                  • AuburnScribbler

                    A tremendously penned piece of macabre here Saxon Crow, bravo!

                    The flow here definitely tells me, that you had fun writing this, but naturally, just continue to "kill it" on the page, yeah! Haha!

                    • Saxon Crow

                      Boom, boom. Yeah it was enjoyable As. Thanks for reading and commenting my friend

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