dusk arising

pushing at luxury

And so
she took the offered hand,
to fear any longer
was yesterday.
For surely
she would fall,
fall into the vortex
of yesterdays
habitual escape
residing too long
within her.

An opportunity to dream


  • yellowrose

    I guess that would be difficult to escape from , I guess she wants to tho ...

    It’s sometimes very difficult to get away from something that might be hurting us despite there being a part of us that wants to

    good poem , dusk )

    • dusk arising

      Thank you yellowrose. When the drug has become the only thing which makes a person feel or think anything which is nice and life around existing without drugs is simply a shitty existence.... then yes.... difficult is a good word.

    • Teddy.15

      wow, Dusk only you could write this with such a beautiful pen hand. i had a friend or two like that in london. i hope she escapes her hell and comes back strong.

      • dusk arising

        Thanks Teddy. So much I could say about this subject and what drugs do to nice people.

      • Goldfinch60

        That must be so hard, I do so hope that the dream becomes reality.


        • dusk arising

          Nice people get robbed of their dreams, hopes, aspirations, careers, children etc etc by drug addiction and become not nice. What torture they must face.

        • Neville

          sadly, I understand this only too well
          but it buttered my bread for many a long year .. exceptionally well thought out and executed DA ... N

          • dusk arising

            It's very sad. Some very nice people have succumbed to the luxury and been dragged in all directions by all sorts of people/influences. Easy to snipe at druggies but when you knew what they were like before they succumbed....
            Thanks Neville, yes I'm sure you know the subject in more depth with your background... humbled.

          • Neil Higgins

            Back in the bad old days,I saw many a person "powder their nose" in a club venue,just because they thought it was cool.Lots no longer with us.Thankfully I never got tempted or involved.

            • dusk arising

              I was a musician playing in groups from age 18 and saw plenty going on. Never got into anything serious myself. Have known many nice people with a habit who became not nice people. Those who seriously want to give up need as much help and support as can be given.
              Thank you Neil, too many good people gone west.

            • Dove

              I don’t know about luxury, but I never pass an opportunity to dream! ! Love this tid bit of poetic wonder

              • dusk arising

                The 'luxury' is the feeling/euphoria the drug gives which they are knowing they are going to have to live without.
                Thanks Dove I'm pleased you liked this one.

              • HannahElisabeth

                I hate to say that I'm all too familiar with this sentiment, but you captured it so perfectly I had to add this to my favorites.

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