dusk arising

play it again SLAM! {à¿á}

oh i could fly upon wings of icarus
up and far away from roots I didn't have
far and wide to fall through clouds
and sleep on pillows of convenience
woken by the false alarms of freedom
inside sleazy deals and taxi cab romance
to the station of main-liner's tracks
where trains of passing thought sped
ever running late oh so much too late
to catch up on all the swallowed hurt
hidden, ahead of hedonistic thought-
-step-throughs in opportunities window
to meet with wildcat dreamers in the night
chasing prey upon powder white snow
ever running, running, ever running
running from themselves through a fog
where Miss Adventure saw them stumble
onto their folly tree sword of destiny 
beneath trooper lights and survival's gift
-that pinch of realities grasp
seen opening up beneath ribbons and wraps
.               becoming conventional to a tee
.                                  gather you remnant few lets play again
.                                     show 'em how it's done


  • Goldfinch60

    'Play it again Sam' - words that were never said but still mean so much to those of us who have performed music.


  • Saxon Crow

    Nicely penned poem Dusk. The good ole rock n roll days!

  • Teddy.15

    LOL 🤣 brilliant Mr Dusk, I wouldn't have minded singing with you lot. Sounds like a gangsters wrap! LoL love it.

  • orchidee

    Words never uttered by anyone: 'Sing it again, Orchi!' lol.

  • yellowrose

    You have such a good way with words , dusk ) great engaging read

  • Neville

    Unless you bin there and dunnit, a whole lotta peeps aint gonna have a clue ... this is very cleva sir and on so many levels ................ top notch DA .. N

  • Jerry Reynolds

    Beautiful write, Dusk.

  • Marie

    Wow! An amazing poem from your poetic pen today, dear D.A. Life is a strange thing, isn't it! I adore how you brought Icarus into the first lines of the poem to express your feelings and thoughts on trying to flee from the things you didn't have which haunted. Love how mis-adventure became Miss Adventure! That is a superb turnaround! Those times are now gone forever, disappeared into the mists of time, never to be repeated. Love the accompanying video! Complements the words and theme of the poem to a 'T'. Very skillfully penned on a theme which so many can relate to. A powerful poetic gem which I thank you for sharing, dear poet D.A...

    • dusk arising

      The vid and music was just to identify that sort of music as being my kind of thing rather than rock music. The sins which rock muso's are known for was just as prolific among the other brands of music (excluding the more traditional ones i guess). This really is written as a tribute to the stuff we put ourselves through, those who didn't make it and mostly those who did and were changed into the conventional people they earlier fought not to be! But oh could we play and how we loved it whilst often hating one another.
      As the lyrics state in the vid "I'd been through all the changes, a lot of stuff went down".

      • Marie

        Yes, I understand, dear D.A. That's what age does to us. It kicks the rebel out of us and replaces it with everything we tried so hard not to be. That said, it's not all that bad, lol... We have the memories of those times and pray they stay to the end. Superb penning, dear poet and thank you again for sharing...

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