Eugene S.

Paths VII

It's a wierd path I've followed
Mostly through the world of dreams
It was always so much more
... grounded

I guess throughout the years
I have blended the two
The realm of dreams and the real
It is now an easy thing to do

Convenient for sure
To trade one for another
To leave the hour of trouble
And traverse the world anew

But why are my dreams so dark


  • Goldfinch60

    Maybe those dark dreams are the to lead you to the light .


    • Eugene S.

      Thank you for such a positive stance.

    • L. B. Mek

      yeah, I think I get the same reading as Andy
      from this unflinchingly brave words,
      clearly there's a disconnect you're picking up on, cos its bled into your write,
      question is, if the dream is just that
      a visison, a mirage of subconsius entering reality
      through your dreams, or
      if its more sinister, and its reality that's overwhelming your capacity to dream..
      a really intriguing concept and read,
      thanks for sharing, dear poet

    • Eugene S.

      I think for me, dreams are an abstract depiction of the life experience, and what an adventure that has been (sarcasm intended). Dreams are definitely quirky things, or is it reality that is so quirky?🤔 ... now I'm just confused.🤪

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