A Storm

 A storm is brewing in the east

Birds and animals seem to retreat

Air is still and nature has a solemn feel

Dark clouds conceal the pleasant land scape

Ghastly winds precede

Thunder and lightning gives an eerie feel

Rain gushes down in torrents

The feeling you get is not so pleasant

 Apprehension takes over common sense

 And you sincerely wait for the drama to end






  • Teddy.15

    wonderful imagery, we have terrifying end of summer storms here, in your poem i see it all and hear the calamity. Thank you, lets hope you truly get that peaceful sun beaming afterwards.

    • Thekkinkkattil

      Thank you Teddy. I think nature is the same everywhere

    • orchidee

      Good write T.

    • Neil Higgins

      I moan here in the UK when we have heavy rain,but the seasonal weather in the Bay of Bengal,must be awful at this time of the year.
      "Apprehension takes over common sense"
      A very powerful line.

      • Thekkinkkattil

        We grow up only in body Neil. The fear we feel is the same thank you

      • Robert Haigh

        You convey the tense atmosphere very well here. Hope you don't suffer any damage.

        • Thekkinkkattil

          Damages come only when it goes out of control which we experienced 3years back but we just don't know when this is going to happen. However this sort ofheavy rains is quite normal here. THANK YOU

        • Accidental Poet

          Sounds like you're right next door. Stay safe and hug your family.

        • Thekkinkkattil

          Happy to know that nature is the same everywhere. Thank you AP

        • Goldfinch60

          May that drama end quickly TKKKK and the beauty return to your land.


        • L. B. Mek

          that same cocktail storm of chaos,
          is being experienced all around the world
          we're all holding-on, to our grasp of sanity
          and civility, hoping
          that our day to day reality, can be cushioned
          by our nightly dreams and wishes..
          (a genuine poem, with sincerity and wordsmith artistry,
          I would be very proud to have penned such a stark, yet honest portrait of modernity)
          thank you for sharing, dear poet

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