You Are Always There...

You Are Always There...


Deep in my broken heart,

When I find no one true

You are always there for me

You are always there, out of the blue


Deep in my vacant soul,

When I find no way out

You are always there for me

To tell, "there is nothing to worry about”


Deep in those bad memories,

Whenever I think of the past,

You are always there for me

To tell” bad things never last


Deep in my negative thoughts,

Whenever I feel being dragged on

You are always there for me

To tell, “don’t panic, just move on”


Deep in my shattered mind,

Whenever I feel astray

You are always there for me

To tell, “every prob’s got a way”


Deep in my dark times

When I feel no one on my side

You are always there for me

Like the moon, in  the blackest night


In all these bitter moments,

If I had not found your shoulder,

My night would have grown darker

My night would have been colder!


  • dusk arising

    THis lovely. We all need that voice.

    • Maira

      thank u soo much for ur kind words!!!.means alot to me, stay blessed!

      • Maira

        dear, read again, i mistakenly left one amazing stanza!!.. so now i edited

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      • Fozzy

        Can tell that came from the heart

        • Maira

          YES.....surely that came from the depth of my heart!!

        • Goldfinch60

          Super words Maira, that voice is with us all.


          • Maira

            hmmm..thats surely true..... someone is always with us

            • Maira

              check out my other poems as well and do let me know!!

            • yellowrose

              Lovely words for your friend 🙂

              • Maira


              • L. B. Mek

                'Deep in my vacant soul'?
                this one, was a little challenging as a concept..
                but, your dedication as a whole was a delight to read
                its rare when we can find a friend, that's closer to us than those
                we share our very blood with..
                and you have, so expressively: Proudly
                painted such a beautiful portrait of your treasured relationship..
                thanks for sharing! I found this to be an uplifting read

                • Maira

                  thank u soo much for ur kind appericiation!
                  by vacant soul, i mean empty soul which is lifeless, with no direction so i related that emptiness, that vacancy of my soul

                • Jay-Lee Jane

                  Keep it up young poet, such a beautiful voice you have in your writing!!

                  • Maira

                    thank u soo much dear, stay blessed poet!

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