Poetic Dan

Good at or Good for poetry is at the core

I don't know if it's the only thing I'm good at or the only thing I'm good for

Each time a lesson is connected to another hidden door

The more I don't wish to go on, the more goings-on seems to happen

Until I'm lost in the cycle of another triggering pattern

Never to give in but relentlessly be at the tip of breaking

Looking for no meaning in the reason just to keep stepping

Trying to find the happiness in the harmony of lifes creation


  • Goldfinch60

    That harmony of life has been coming to you during the time I have read your writing on here Dan, you have come a long way and I know that you will move further into the wonder that your life holds for you.


    • Poetic Dan

      It can feel so far at times my friend but I know you are right, it's here anytime I choose

      I can never thank you enough for your time my friend

      Always appreciated

    • yellowrose

      We have to try find happiness ... in something I guess . Nice writing Dan )

      Sorry to hear that your still feeling in a difficult place , I understand it’s not easy at all ...

      • Poetic Dan

        All in our own time and always appreciate yours my friend

      • yellowrose

        Sometimes I wander if the only thing I’m good at is poetry ....

        • Poetic Dan

          Yep! I get that. Let's publish the books and dance with the pages on never-ending trip to the final show..

          I only wish it paid but can you put a price on what feels just good for the soul

          • yellowrose

            You can’t put a price on it ... no . It does feel good for the soul and mind ... agree with you Dan 🙂

          • yellowrose

            Lovely song by the way 🙂 is she your daughter ?

            • Poetic Dan

              Yep, this is her 4th song and each time I can't help but cry when I hear it! Love can truly be a beautiful kind of pain

              • yellowrose

                I truly liked the song 🙂

              • Teddy.15

                Dearest Dan, this is beautiful, and don't think you are.alone my friend, we all have times we.wonder what the hell is it all for, this is a powerful and significant poem you will get your rewards that's how it works, life is hard for everyone and those times when we want to give up are those times that karma sends us a gift for sure. Take care. 🤗 Sending love also to your beautiful daughter who is gorgeous 🥰

                • Poetic Dan

                  Well I've been having those times for nearly 25 years my friend and met many beautiful souls that make your words ring true!

                  One special lady to me took her life 6 years ago and although none of us are ever alone, the mind is a place no one else can roam.

                  So for all my life (like I always have) mine shall never stay close.

                  For this reason you pointed out I get a beautiful gift to connect with genuine authentic beautiful souls like you!

                  In my view each time someone reads our words, even more energy spreads over the earth.

                  Ripples into waves, have a glorious day..... your way

                  • Teddy.15

                    Dear Dan actually my first loss was my brother who was only 25 in 1998 I think it was.suicide he was.in a hotel room in India that shocked me to the core. And I actually changed my life it was too hard living in London, he was.only a year older than me. It's hard to say but good to share isn't my dear friend. Thank you.

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                  • yellowrose

                    I’m sorry Dan , that you’ve had so many difficult times in your life ... so have I .

                    I think life is more difficult for some than others ...

                    • Poetic Dan

                      Bless you, I used to think that alot but now I see none of us have life easy. For we can only ever know part of any souls journey.

                      We all must do what need as long as we don't intentionally want to do harm. All emotions are our own. To own!

                      • yellowrose

                        I don’t know . I think some people go through a lot more trauma than others ... which affects their life a lot . I’ve spent a lot of my life being affected by trauma , I’m in my thirties and I still seem to be missing out on a lot ... whilst the rest of my family receive more and more experiences

                        Emotions are difficult to deal with ... sometimes I find myself getting too involved in how I feel

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                      • Doggerel Dave

                        That great succinct shortie really got to me Dan - nothing there to sympathise with. I saw you as wrestling life with the energy to keep on doing so and energy to spare.

                        I read most of your stuff - even if I don't always comment, and I found this one very inspiring.

                        • Poetic Dan

                          Buddy because of you I went back through found the typo and now feel pretty good!
                          It's the simple things that can sometimes please, getting a delightful message from you is another of these!

                          Truly grateful for your time and reflection on the wrestle I can't help but create!

                          Always appreciated

                        • L. B. Mek

                          'Until I'm lost in the cycle of another triggering pattern

                          Never to give in but relentlessly be at the tip of breaking'..
                          this is you, at your free flowing Best!
                          stay Awesome my friend,
                          walk easy, because if you're fighting this much
                          with this level of dedication
                          then the outcome, is nothing but a gust of wind of chance
                          you, Sir: are doing all that's asked for you,
                          and setting a wonderful example for us All to follow...
                          in the words of the Great 'India Arie':
                          'I believe in open doors
                          I've taken off the screen
                          I'm ready to let the world come inside
                          And touch my life
                          I will no longer be defined by
                          What someone else believes that I am
                          Now that I have dropped the weight
                          I am light as a feather
                          It's time to elevate
                          Soulbird rise
                          Lift your eyes
                          Spread your wings
                          Prepare to fly
                          This is the moment
                          Of your life
                          Go ahead and fly'

                          • Poetic Dan

                            I laughed so hard at the start of this as today I broke my car stereo and windows at the same time! All for the love of more bass, yet as I read you words I must remember to just take it one step at a time even though I swear I've learnt of to fly.

                            Thank you again for such powerful positive words to read and so honoured to the reflection of them is down in us all!

                            Have a fantastic journey my friend

                          • dusk arising

                            The purest gift must surely be to be happy and content. Those who make that their hearts goal will be happy and content come rain or shine, come feast or famine.

                            • Poetic Dan

                              So very true and how quickly I can over fill my cup with needles junk.
                              As always I'll gladly take on some of that wisdom and slowly move over to that lane.

                              Always appreciated your time good sir and hope all is well

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