Chasing Clouds

A mid morning domed sky of azure blue

the clouds are beginning to build and brew

the release is pulled to set the glider free

from the aircraft which has towed it and me


Five thousand feet high above the ground

to explore the sky to see what can be found

above the growing shape changing clouds

far away from earth bound crowds


Happily soaring over my ethereal domain

of diaphanous mountains, valleys and plains

the whisper of my passage through the air

is the only sound made while I'm there


Creamy whites, pale yellows and blue greys

ever changing colours and a milky haze

parade before my eyes as I fly by

through the valleys in the landscape in the sky


Now below the clouds is a different scene

the ground below a familiar green

the bottom of the clouds look flat in shape

but above them is a hidden cloudscape


Fifteen hundred feet and being pulled down by gravity's hand

If lift cannot be found I will have to land

the clouds are searched for thermal activity

to provide lift to support the glider and me


Circling round and round in the lift that's found

and rising like an eagle high above the ground

at three thousand feet I will call it a day

and glide to the airfield far away


On the final approach, touchdown and the glider slowed

safely on the ground and the glider in the hanger stowed

heading home for one of the things I like most

a cup of tea, marmalade, butter and toast



  • Neil Higgins

    My boss and her husband used to rent a glider,with four other people,as it was cheaper doing it this way.No way could I take to the skies like this.I get claustrophobia in very tiny places,and being at ten thousand feet in an engine less "machine" would be my worst nightmare,although I bet the views are spectacular.
    I have flown in holiday aircraft,lots of times,and I'm fine with the flight and landing.Never been keen on take off.
    A great experience for you though Langton.Good for you my friend.

    • Langton

      Hi Neil, Interesting to hear of another of your problems, two left feet and claustrophobic, and I thought I had problems. Seriously, thanks for your comments, take care, Langton.

      • Neil Higgins

        Ha ha.My remark on another of your poems about me having "two left feet" was not literally true Langton.It was tongue in cheek,about how awkward I can be at times.But my claustrophobia in very tiny spaces is genuine.It possibly related to being"trapped" in a lift (elevator) in a department store with my parents when I was seven years old.It was only roughly ten minutes,until an engineer opened the doors,but apparently according to my parents,it became very stuffy and quite unbearable,and a few people felt unwell.So that's probably why very tiny spaces are a no no for me.

      • Goldfinch60

        Fine words Langton, flying with the clouds in silence must be wonderful.


        • Langton

          Thank you Andy for your encouraging comment.

        • Doggerel Dave

          I've observed this via my armchair and TV screen - amazing. As for actually participating, I'm totally with Neil above - in fact I should plagiarise 99% of it.
          Enjoyed the write, its structure and the last line has my seal of approval......!

          • Langton

            Hi Doggerel, Thanks for your encouraging comment.

          • L. B. Mek

            well, thanks to your words
            I'm gonna tick-off
            'learn to fly' from my bucket list;
            who needs all those training hours and expensive lessons,
            when we can just read your poetry
            close our eyes and imagine, that majestic scenery and exhilarating experience, you paint: so vividly eloquent..
            thank you, for choosing to share

            • Langton

              Your response has made the time and effort that went into writing the poem worthwhile, thank you.

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