Loving, Doing Good, Lending

Tune: Binchester

('Happy are they, they that love God')

Luke 6 v.31-35


As you would that others should do

Unto you, even you

Do you also to them likewise

it is good in God's eyes


If you love only them that love

You, what good shall that prove?

For sinners also love those who

Love them repay as due


And if you do good only to

Them which do good to you

What thanks have you, no extra done

But equal one to one


And if you lend only to those

Who repay, who you choose

To lend to, what more have you done

Than expect shortage none?


So even love your enemies

And do good, lend to these

Hoping for nothing in return

So more of Christ's ways learn


Your reward then, it shall be great be

You children of God, see

He kind to the good and evil

To thankful, unthankful



  • orchidee

    I don't think I have understood this properly. You can lend to me (verse 4), expecting nothing in return. I won't repay ya. Pop cheques in the post. Yes, they're still used these days. All contributions gratefully received! heehee.

  • Teddy.15

    I was going to ask you to lend me some! 🤣

    Have a great day dear Orchi. X

    • orchidee

      Heehee thanks Teddy. I knows - you wasn't gonna repay me, was ya?!

    • Goldfinch60

      Very true message Orchi, be kind to all and the world may heal itself.


      • orchidee

        Thanks Gold.

      • dusk arising

        Wow... christian moneylenders AGAIN! didnt jesus have some moneylenders thrown out of his church..... no wonder todays christian churches are so wealthy despite the "eye of a needle camel passage" hypocrites one and all.

        • orchidee

          Thanks for looking in dusk. Sounds like some of them, the nameless 'they' at a church I know. We're talking a million, ya know'. We might not be so upset, except it's going towards rebuilding of a Centre not even 60 years old. They never stop. I would help them out, but I gotta support R. Branson. He's a bit short of dough.

        • Accidental Poet

          Well penned Orchi. 👍

          • orchidee

            Thanks AP.

          • Marie

            A very relevant message contained within the wise words of this excellent poem! We have to step outside our comfort zone and give to those who ask, regardless of if they can/will repay us or not! Only then can we show love for our fellow man. Love the message, Mr. O! It is very spiritual and I, thank you for sharing with me today... Lovely work!

            • orchidee

              Thanks Marie.

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