Hard To Read

Yeah, I’m pretty smart
I know my punctuation marks
And when to use them

Yeah, I’m switched on
To what’s going on
And when only the lights are on

But you
You’re so hard to read
I don’t know what you mean
I see the way you act
I hear the words you speak
Your actions are like re-runs
Your words are all recorded
But no matter how many times
I play them all back
I can’t make sense
Of you


  • L. B. Mek

    yup, and they say studying is supposed to end with your school days
    they lied, its only after that it begins: life's lessons are far too real...
    an intriguing read, thanks for sharing

    • jo

      Thank you for reading and for your comment. Shall I call you LB?

      • L. B. Mek

        sure, whatever you prefer
        thanks for asking

      • dusk arising

        Nicely composed. Some people are hard to read because what you see is a facade they have created either to hide behind or they think its a better version of what they are. Usually this is because they simply don't know themselves well enough to know they are hiding something which is attractive and worthy anyway.
        P.S. pointing that out to them in the right circumstances can be a winner to reaching the true feelings in another person (hint).

        • jo

          Thanks DA for the feedback and suggestion. 🙂

        • Doggerel Dave

          Very much agree with dusk's PS. And if after, there is no change then to walk away is a very viable option - no use in the continuation of a relationship with you know not what.
          PS: Punctuation marks - wot about the occasional full stop?. _love a little argument - pay no heed 😊

          • jo

            Thanks DD for the advice. Are you hoping I will demonstrate my knowledge of punctuation in my poetry? 😛 Somehow poetry and punctuation marks don't often go together for me.. Sometimes I like letting the reader decide when to pause, according to the meaning they are making. In this piece, maybe it's just ironic to have none. 😉

            • Doggerel Dave

              Orright - send all your spare full stops to me. I'll find a use for 'em.........

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            • Goldfinch60

              As d a has said some people are hard to read, they obviously have something to hide and if that is the case trust is a hard thing to giver them. If you just be yourself in this world trust becomes a great thing in life.


              • jo

                Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andy. Trust is a great thing indeed.

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