dusk arising

it was easy

it was easy
going out to the isles today
to sit and watch
how the wind and tide create the day
after the dawn had
told them 'go ahead'
it was easy
to contemplate good fortune
with the perpetual wind
crashing those waves
against the rocks
of steadfast endurance
it was easy
to think like that
from the comfort of
Avening ward
surrounded by love
and goodwill.


  • Teddy.15

    I find such good spirit in this dear Dusk, in so many ways, you have shown your strength. Well done my friend.

    • dusk arising

      Well, was only on the ward for 9 hours this time, nice to be surrounded by good spirits and care but kind of boring. The last bag of fluid for I.V. the staff call 'bag of boredom' LOL. It was easy to lay back in the recliner chair and think of somewhere I'd rather be. Thanks for your always kind and careing thoughts Teddy.

    • Fay Slimm.

      Your words make those trips to watch tides spreading good fortune sound easy when surrounded by such ward-care D.A. - am with you in thought and spirit dear friend.

      • dusk arising

        Thank you dear Fay. Was only in the ward for a few hours for some I.V. but the creative mind wanders.

      • Jerry Reynolds

        Good write, Dusk.
        Thoughts go with you. Be well.

        • dusk arising

          Thank you Jerry, was only in for a day for some I.V. chemo.

        • orchidee

          Time to think, to meditate here, on the ward. it started off some of my first poems. Non-singing ones (phew?!).

        • Goldfinch60

          Fine words d a, may those trips become less daunting and faster as you health gets better.


          • dusk arising

            Thanks Andy, just a part of lifes rich tapestry as they say.

          • Neville

            I sincerely hope it was as easy as you suggest .. not just for your good self mate, but for any and all of those who may be required to undertake a similar journey now or in the future ... Anyway, here's me seriously hoping it does the trick my friend ......... and not a bad bit o scribbling either I might add ..... N

            • dusk arising

              Thanks Neville, I'll be there every three weeks so long as the treatments are being effective..... after that who knows? But my minds eye took me to a more reflective place.

            • Jennifer Martin

              Just love this beautifully written ode to the joy of the coming day and to the hope of better times! You shine!!! My well wishes to you!

              • dusk arising

                Thank you Jennifer, a positive outlook and a restful day.... an opportunity to reflect upon the wonders of creation and the reinvigoration of one's spiritual self.

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