Creation Considerations


Tune: Wir Pflugen

('We plough the fields and scatter')

Psalm 104 v.10-19 and v.24


The LORD, the great Creator

Blessings He does confer

On His creation, and we

His creatures sure we be

He sends springs into valleys

They made by His decrees

And midst the hills they do flow

Animals thirsts quenched so



O LORD, how manifold

Your works! Can all be told?

In wisdom you have all them made

Your full riches displayed


Birds of heaven inhabit

Tree branches, there they set

And nests do build, and they sing

Their joyful chirpings ring

He waters hills from His store

And the earth evermore

With the fruit if His works is

Satisfied, true is this - Chorus


He causes the grass to grow

For cattle to eat so

And herbs, vegetables for

Service of man, not poor

He be, for the LORD provides

And by His will decides

That man from the earth bring food

It all unto their good - Chorus


The wine and oil and bread here

And too the trees appear

They full of sap, they planted

By men, He has them led

To replenish, conserve land

Created by His hand

Birds make nests, such as the stork

Midst nature fly and walk - Chorus


High hills are refuge for wild

Goats, rock for conies* mild (*rock badgers)

The LORD appoints moon for seasons

And sun knows its reasons

For rising and for setting

Day, night cycle, each thing

All under the LORD's hand be

And all for His glory - Chorus


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  • Published: September 26th, 2021 02:03
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  • Dove

    Do love them birds of Heaven

    • orchidee

      Thanks Dove. You seen any conies - rock badgers, that is?! I haven't lately. lol.

    • Goldfinch60

      Good one Orchi.

      • orchidee

        Thanks Gold.

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