Do You Like Me?

So what’s the deal?
Tell me straight,
tell me true.
Do you like me
or am I just another girl to you?

You’re sending mixed messages.
I can’t comprehend.
What is it you want?
It to start?
This to end?

How can I tell
how you’re feeling inside?
If you see me around,
you might talk,
you might hide.

Have I fallen for you?
With you should I live?
Or do I just fall
for attention you give?

I can’t write the ending.
Who knows what’s in store?
All I can do is wonder;
wonder and wait,
and wonder some more.


  • L. B. Mek

    yeah, been there got the t-shirt
    burnt-it to a crisp, after
    tenderly caressed it, after - the after
    cherished its presence in my skeleton cupboard,
    after - the after: from salvaged nothingness, for what matters in the lessons, after...
    then resuscitated, for it to all start again, at that quintessential - new. New: Beginning
    (connected with this write so effortlessly, mainly due to your ease of wording, thank you for sharing)

    • jo

      I like your descriptions/metaphors there. Thanks for reading!

    • Eugene

      You will know
      By the fruit
      But don't wait for Harvest.
      Stand back
      Let the grass emerge
      But save those precious moments
      They are the gems of time.

    • Trenz Pruca

      Well I like you Jo and your poetry also. Thank you.

      • jo


      • Goldfinch60

        So many questions when those first times near each other. They will be answered.


      • orchidee

        Do I like you? Yes and No!
        Doh! Do make up your mind, Orchi! lol.
        Fat lot of help I am.

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