All I Do Is Stare

Lester W

The bell struck only once that day
But it was enough 

It’s an awful, horrific, sickening relief 
But a relief nonetheless

Hope fuels my belief
But it also drags me down

So many people who did nothing wrong 
So many people gone without a sound
While I do nothing but sit and listen to the song

Of TVs, radios, and podcasts
Confirming the worst
Performing until it hurts
How long will it last?

I’m safe when I hide under the covers
I’m safe from what’s out there
I’m safe and it’s not fair
I’m safe when so many mothers and fathers grieve
I’m safe and I hate that I feel relieved

I curse the system
But do nothing about it
A haunting rhythm
When will I snap out of it?

Because I know when the sirens come
They’re not for me
I wish that wasn’t a release 
A fresh breath of air
But it is

And all I do is stare

  • Author: Lester W (Offline Offline)
  • Published: October 6th, 2021 17:04
  • Category: Sociopolitical
  • Views: 15
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  • Nafis Light

    Interesting story.

  • L. B. Mek

    insightful commentary, eloquently expressed!
    I think we all share a sense that we're just driving-by
    this chaotic car crash, site
    of a world,
    and acting subservient towards those traffic instructions signs, of
    'nothing to see here, move along!'
    yet, our eyes can't lie
    and that need to make a difference, to be of Help
    in anyway, grows
    with each gleaned, level increase
    of our awareness and capacity for empathetic realization. but
    we must try to remember
    we are all built different, with differing strengths and weaknesses
    maybe for some, they're meant to run into the fire and save a life or a few, even
    and maybe for others
    we're meant to scribble a million words
    and a handful of those words, will inspire or help someone
    ultimately we can never tell..
    all we can do, is strive to be the best we can be,
    while prioritising our own sense of safety and happiness...
    sorry for the lengthy comment, but I could really relate to your words
    and I've definitely contemplated on similar thoughts, in the past
    thanks for sharing,
    such a thought provoking read

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