Full of pain

Nobody knows how different I am
The outside of me is not afraid
Not full of pain, or even ashamed


I laugh and talk and play along
Keep on existing as if nothing's wrong


I smile and all of those ignorant fools believe
Of course nothing could be wrong with me
My eyes are dry, I do not shed tears
That gift was taken away from me


I'm bloodied and beaten and not really living
I just go through the motions and continue existing


Nobody knows how different I am
The inside of me is hollow and empty
I'm tattered and broken beyond repair
My heart is crumbling and full of despair


I'm scared and lost, clueless as can be
Is there no one out there to help me


Nobody knows how different I am 

And that will never change 


  • Goldfinch60

    Emotive words Anna, we are all individuals and within that individuality we can find a way into the happiness in our lives, it is there awaiting you.


  • DepressedMess24


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