dear mother i’m dying

dear mother

it’s hard for me to say

i’ve only just bloomed

but my petals are wilting

i’m a broken piece

in your little game

i need you to help me

i don’t want you to fix me

the crimson flame

in my blazing eyes

is burning out

my heart is weak

defeated by the trembling cries

forcing from my quivering lips

a damaged boat sinking to the ocean floor

i’m reaching out

searching for your hand

are you reaching too

or do you not see me falling

i’m not ill mother i need you to see

i alone am dying

behind your unfocused lens





  • Goldfinch60

    Emotive words esmé.

    Welcome to MPS

  • Paul Bell

    I'm not sure if it's a human trait to want love, maybe time. I suppose looking to the animal kingdom where you're let loose as soon as you can hunt. Likewise, I still think you will bloom iregardless of mother.

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